Latheefa Koya blows her top 

(FMT) – On YouTube, the PKR lawyer is seen getting infuriated with a NRD official who refused to give her the MyKad forms.

A row between PKR lawyer Latheefa Koya and a National Registration Department (NRD) officer was uploaded on YouTube recently.

The video shows Latheefa getting angry with the NRD official who refused to give her the MyKad forms for the 48 applicants who were at the Klang NRD on March 22. Throughout the video, Latheefa was seen asking several times for the MyKad form.

“Just give me the MyKad forms. These are all straight-forward cases. I don’t want to debate with you, just give me the MyKad forms.

“The faster this can be settled, the earlier we can all go home, so just give me the form,” demanded Latheefa to a seemingly oblivious NRD official.

“Right now we just want the MyKad forms. We want the identification card forms and not the citizenship application forms, do you know the difference? If you know the difference, just give us the forms.

“You see here, I’ve given you one sample [a document]. I want to show you that we have checked all the particulars, we don’t come here foolhardily, we have checked everything, we know their rights,” she said to the official who is seen just shuffling the documents.

After asking the NRD official for the umpteenth time for the MyKad forms, the official finally went to take 30 forms as requested by Latheefa.

In the meantime, chants of “we want the form” could be heard in the background.

After the official returned empty-handed, Latheefa began raising her voice at him.

“We’re not stupid, okay, all these people are poor, they’ve come here thousands of times and all of you just ask them to go home without even giving them the forms.

“So why don’t you just give us the MyKad forms? We will fill up the forms, and after that if you want to reject the applications, it’s up to you,” she told the official.

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