Don’t take yourselves as victims: Daim

(Sin Chew Daily) — Former finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin believes that the country’s greatest problem is, everyone takes themselves as “victims”.

“The Malays think that they are victims while the Chinese, Indians, Kadazans also think that they are victims. In fact, everyone has gained benefits respectively,” he saild.

He said during an interview with Sin Chew Daily that such an attitude must be changed, added that Malaysia is country that struggles for each of its people and in fact, everyone has started to receive benefits since the country’s independence. Therefore, such a “victim mentality” is not correct.

No one takes all

“Is it really so bad? Look at our progress, is it true that only the Malays have benefited from it? Are the Chinese still very poor? Show me data to prove that I’m talking nonsense.”

He said that it is because the Opposition has kept telling poor Chinese living in poverty that “you are the victims”.

Daim thinks that the BN government has ruled fairly and in fact, no one has taken all benefits and instead, everyone gets something respectively. Any problems should be debated in the Parliament and not to fight on streets. There will be no answers on streets and if street protests are staged everyday, it would then be like Greece.

“Is that what we need? No, it is not our culture. Our culture is hardworking. We told the Malays not to envy the achievements of the Chinese. The success of the Chinese is because they are hardworking.

Not easy to solve inequality

In terms of the BN’s problem in trying to solve inequality, he pointed out that it is easier to be said than done. Inequality exists in various places around the world but the Chinese hope to achieve equality at once.

“Everyone wants equality but reality is unequal. The BN has been talking about the “country” and look at what problems are world economies facing? If we do it for the Malays or the Chinese, other racial groups will ask “why”. We take care not only a place, but the whole benefits of the whole country. It is indeed not easy.”

When being asked to comment on the allegation claiming that the MCA has not defended the interests of the Chinese, Daim said, “There are differences between Umno and MCA ministers. MCA ministers must ensure that they have taken care of their constituencies and they serve the people of their constituencies even during weekends. For the Chinese, they like dinners, performances and ceramah, you must be in the crowd.

“what has the DAP done? It is only a small party with lesser members compared to the MCA. However, they are at ease in the Chinese community. They ensure that the situation is under control and of course, playing with sentimental issues.”

Teaching English is more important than teaching Science and Mathematics in English

When being asked about the government’s abolition of the teaching Science and Mathematics in English policy, he thinks that teaching English is more important than teaching Science and Mathematics in English as English is the medium of business and trade. Chinese is the second important language as in the future, our country has to deal with China and it is an advantage to have many Mandarin speaking Chinese in our country.

Don’t be emotional in considering children’s future

When it comes to Chinese education, Daim said that children’s future has always been the top priority. Even the middle class send their children to Chinese primary schools and hope to send them into a better secondary school and college. If given the opportunity, of course they want to go Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford universities instead of universities in China or Taiwan.

“Please put aside your emotions to see the real situation. I hope that everyone can think properly. We are all Malaysians and we live in peace and prosperity. Regardless of which racial group you are from, we build the country together.”

Should resolve problem in a Malaysian way

When commended on the Chinese community’s demand for the government’s recognition of the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC), Daim said that the government should study the outcome and benefits that it brings.

“You cannot consider only an aspect but must think for all. If everyone asks something, the problem will never be solved. We must solve the problem in a “Malaysian way” and think from a Malaysian perspective. I always tell my children that always think as a Malaysian.”