DAP, you are driving away the Malays


Put the Chinese arrogance away before the Malays get too fed up and start punishing Pakatan by voting for Umno.

CT Ali, FMT 

There will always be among us hardcore radical Malays, hardcore radical Indians and hardcore radical Chinese, and not forgetting our brothers in Sabah and Sarawak, too.

They are a stubborn and arrogant lot where reason and good sense are lacking. They are confrontational in their stance towards those who are not of their persuasion. Their “in your face” approach to anyone remotely removed from their racial or religious preferences seeks only to confirm their “take no prisoners” way of doing things.

For the hardcore radical Malays, there is Perkasa – the overtly Umno-sanctioned release valve to allow their pent-up frustration to find relief.

What about the Chinese and the Indians? Unfortunately, nothing like Perkasa exists for them. With the exception of a few well-reported outburst hollered from the safety of being among their own in numbers and in venues well away from other prying eyes, we do sometimes hear from the Chinese and the Indians cries of frustration and anguish for the future of their own kind.

And there it stays without any hope of these sentiments being demonstrated publicly through demonstrations or organised marches.

Much as there is a fear that repressed public anger is unhealthy, the authorities take the view that this sort of dissent will not be tolerated for matters of “national security”.

We will all have to live with these realities.

What worries me is the work being done by Umno and DAP to widen this divide. PKR and PAS may have the intent but they do not have the financial will, acumen and political will to do the same.

Let me explain myself.

DAP and Penang

Umno is a lost cause and I do not intend to go there, but Penang is increasingly being polarised as the Chinese embark on a form of economic ethnic-cleansing to rid itself of those who are economically challenged (read: the Malays and Indians).

And what better place to start than the most basic of human requirement – housing.

Where are the affordable low-cost housing for the low-income group in Penang? So many high-end developments catering for the high-income bracket, which are beyond the reach of many Malaysians with the exception of the wealthy Chinese community – so by default their poorer Malay and Indian cousins are excluded.

Many will say that is this not just what Umno is doing to the other races, especially the Chinese?

For sure they are, and so are the Jews bullying the Palestinians, the Syrian killing their own people, the Talibans killing other Muslims and Vladimir Putin in Russia again becoming numero uno within the bonds of legality but only just, but are these what we should emulate?

Decent people do decent things. It is not decent to deliberately embark upon a policy that encourages ethnic-cleansing through economic means.

In the end it does what ethnic-cleansing always does: polarise the rakyat.

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