The stars favouring Pakatan 

There are so many wrong-doings practiced by the powers-that-be that all who favour good governance should vote in Pakatan Rakyat.

Selena Tay, FMT 

Of late, many political observers, analysts, economists and corporate figures have predicted that Barisan Nasional will win big in the coming 13th general election.

Logically, if one looks at the political scenario, the odds are heavily stacked against Pakatan Rakyat due to two major factors: the BN federal government’s control of the mainstream media and the dirty electoral roll. It is as if Pakatan is in a boxing match with hands tied and being blindfolded at the same time.

Concerning the mainstream media, this has been fully utilised to portray that it is good for the rakyat for BN to stay in power as many economists and corporate figures opine that “BN’s continuity will bring peace, stability, progress and economic prosperity for everyone” whereas Pakatan has been painted as being in total disarray with daily bickerings among its top leaders.

Other current major issues purposely ignored by the mainstream media and the pro-BN economists and analysts include the video expose on land grabs, the second statutory declaration of the late private investigator P Balasubramaniam and the actual cash handout of RM1.35 a day to the BR1M recipients (which has always been highlighted as the RM500 gift of the generous BN federal government).

Therefore everyone is urged to vote for BN because a change in government will herald disaster and doom for the nation.

However it is also common knowledge that although Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak seems to command large crowds at his functions, many of those who attend had to be ferried to the event by buses sponsored by BN.

But if Pakatan has enough support, then it will be possible to overcome the votes from the civil servants, pensioners, teachers, police, armed forces, Felda and Felcra settlers and the phantom/alien voters.

Really it does seem to be a tall order for Pakatan!

Nevertheless, this columnist is convinced that Pakatan will win the 13th general election and had in October last year predicted in Facebook that the new Pakatan federal government will come into power in April/May 2013.

It would be too long to go into details here but suffice to say that the metaphysics formula going into the calculation of Pakatan’s victory is similar to the formula of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s ascendancy into the papal office as Pope Francis I.

Cardinal Bergoglio has had his turn and soon it would be Pakatan’s turn to ascend the heights of power. We will have to wait and see.

Clean ballot paper

Even with the stars favouring Pakatan , it is still incumbent upon the rakyat to vote wisely and one of the things that every sensible voter should do is to look out for the dot by making sure that the ballot paper handed to us is really, really clean, not torn nor marked with dots nor smudged.

This is because if there is a dot anywhere near or on the column of XYZ party for example, then that is considered a vote for XYZ.

If we then vote for our preferred ABC party, then a problem may arise during the vote-counting process.

Therefore this little piece of information here is for everyone to know so that we can have as close as possible to a fair voting process.

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