SYA : List of Pakatan Rakyat Flip Flop , Inconsistency , U Turn and Contradictions – Part 1 

Shen Yee Aun 

List of Pakatan Rakyat Flip Flop , Inconsistency , U Turn and Contradictions

Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy and Sex Scandal

In 1997 it was Karpal Singh who brought up Anwar Sex Scandal in Parliament but later on he also the one that claim he is innocent by becoming his Lawyer


  1. 26 Februari 2012 DAP former Deputy Tan Seng Giaw call for a press conference to set up a PSC for LYNAS.  The Press Conference attended by Tony Pua and Lim Kit Siang. A month later when a PSC for LYNAS is being set up DAP end up call to boycott it ?



  1. Kubang Kerian MP and PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub said the RAPID project would be implemented in Johor should Pakatan Rakyat takes over and it has no plans to reallocate the project. ( PAS )
  1. Later on , PKR Investment and Trade Bureau chief Wong Chen had previously made a statement suggesting to scrap off the project .


Choice of Prime Minister

  1. It was Karpal Singh who call for a PC to ask Anwar to resign as the Leader of Pakatan Rakyat and according to him Anwar had cause enough trouble to our country
  1. Then during last year DAP Convention Karpal Singh suggest that Lim Guan Eng can be the Prime Minister
  1. Later on they make a U Turn to say DAP choice of Prime Minister is Anwar
  1. Then in PAS latest MUKTAMAR pas grassroots suggested that Hadi Awang should be the Prime Minister and Hadi Awang even said it is syiok to be PM



  1. Before LYNAS started DAP Pahang Chief Leong Nga Nga claimed that LYNAS will benefit our people
  1. After that both Fuziah Salleh and Lim Guan Eng accused LYNAS is a nuclear plant ( lie ).
  1. PAS Hadi Awang and PAS Nuclear Expert Dr Rosli claimed that LYNAS is safe while Fuziah Salleh and Lim Guan Eng think otherwise.
  1. In PR latest Manifesto they claimed that they will stop LYNAS if they were to ever take Federal Power
  1. Few days later Anwar Ibrahim told an Australia Press that LYNAS can stay.
  1. The latest was Kuantan PKR own state assemblyman ( Indera Mahkota ) claimed that it is impossible to Stop Lynas now.
  1. Fuziah Salleh released another statement to contradict both Indera Mahkota PKR State Assemblyman and Anwar Ibrahim that LYNAS will be shut down.


IAEA Report

  1. The same agency that reported that Malaysia LYNAS is safe and yet DAP can accused it of not safe .
  1. When they are being attack for their Solar Plant development in Penang they end up using IAEA report to their defense that the Solar Plant in Penang is safe .


The Usage of the Word Allah

  1. When Anwar was in UMNO in one of his BTN Forum he claimed that Christian in Malaysia are not allowed to translate their bible into Malay Language.
  1. The last Christmas ( 2012 ) Lim Guan Eng claimed that Christian should be allowed to use the word Allah in their bible.
  1. Anwar earlier claimed that he do not have any stand yet and will call for a Pakatan Rakyat meeting before announcing his stand over the Allah issue.
  1. Pakatan Rakyat end up decided to use the word Allah and that include PAS Nik Aziz and PAS Deputy Muhammad Sabu
  1. Later on PAS Syura council came out to say no for the Christian to use the word Allah
  1. Nik Aziz and Muhammad Sabu again U Turn to claimed that Christian is not allowed to use.

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