Are Kula and Fong the sacrificial lambs?

DAP sources say that Ipoh Barat MP and Batu Gajah MP are being sent away to their political doom because they oppose the Perak DAP leadership.

G Vinod, FMT

While many laud the move by DAP to send its top guns to contest in Johor, several members felt that there is more to the decision than what meets the eye.

Several DAP insiders told FMT that the decision was a calculated move to finish off Batu Gajah MP Fong Po Kuan and Ipoh Barat MP M Kulasegaran’s political careers.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a DAP insider from Selangor said that all those who opposed Perak DAP chairman Ngeh Koo Ham and secretary Nga Kor Ming are being sidelined or moved to other places to strengthen their grip on the state.

“All those opposed to the cousins are being targeted. Kulasegaran and Fong are being sent away to Johor as they fell out of favour with the state leadership,” said the DAP leader.

The DAP insider also said that the Ngeh-Nga faction had effectively sidelined the outspoken Fong in Perak.

“Fong is a very good MP but she is also quite vocal in the party, which displeased the duo,” said the DAP insider.

The DAP insider added that it is highly possible that the Fong and Kulasegaran would be told to contest in tough seats in Johor, to ensure that they would not get re-elected to Parliament.

On why the DAP national leadership is not doing anything about it, the DAP insider said,” They feel the people will support any candidates chosen. They are intoxicated by the massive support.”

Another DAP source,from Perak, echoed the same sentiments and said those aligned to the Ngeh-Nga faction felt they have no need for Fong in the state any longer.

Fong isolated

However, the source felt otherwise and defended the vocal MP.

“In 1999, Fong was the only DAP candidate that won a parliamentary seat in Perak. Even veterans Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh were defeated in Penang .

“She was only in her 20s then but she was an effective MP . However in 2008, Fong almost quit due to the pressure from Ngeh-Nga faction but Lim persuaded her to stay on.

“Just because DAP candidates won big in the 2008 general election, some leaders in the state feel she is no longer important for Perak,” said the source.