What PK promises, BN has already delivered


Abrihim Malawaki, Malaysian Review
A close examination of PK’s election Manifesto will reveal that 80  per cent of its promises have already been fulfilled–by the BN Government. The remaining 20 per cent are non–deliverables.  We shall soon see why.

Let’s look at PK’s promises one by one.

1. To create one million jobs in the agricultural, construction and service sectors…

There are currently 1.58 million foreign workers in these sectors.  If locals are willing to take over their jobs, there will already be 1.58 million vacancies.


2.  To implement a minimum wage of RM1,100 a month.

The BN Government has proposed a minimum wage of RM900 a month in Peninsular Malaysia. Some SMEs are resisting this because they say they will be adversely affected. If the market cannot afford RM900, can it afford RM1,100?


3.  To set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry to improve the education system.

The BN Government has been regularly reviewing the education system to meet the demands of the domestic market as well as to face the challenges of globalisation.  Remember the major study called the Razak Report?  And now, there is the Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013-2025.