Agbimuddin a ‘hero’ to Muslim Filipinos, says columnist 

(The Malaysian Insider) – Agbimuddin Kiram is now a revered legend and hero among Muslim Filipinos as he continues to elude capture despite being vastly outnumbered by Malaysian security forces, a columnist with the Philippine Daily Inquirer has said.

In his “As I see It” column, veteran newsman Neal H. Cruz likened the Sulu “crown prince” and the alleged persecution of Filipinos in Sabah to the struggles of the American Indians and African Americans, who suffered decades of mistreatment at the hands of immigrant settlers from Europe.

Cruz said if Agbimuddin were to be found dead, the millitant leader would become an even bigger hero, anointed the crown by the Malaysian and Philippine governments due to their handling of the sensitive and emotive Sabah issue.

He singled out Philippine President Benigno Aquino(picture) as the one to blame, saying his behaviour regarding the Sabah crisis was “really infuriating”.

“Years from now, the story of the Sultanate of Sulu and its heroes and how they were oppressed and persecuted by the Malaysian and Philippine governments will be told and retold in Muslim Filipino homes,” the columnist wrote.

“Books will be written about them and movies will be filmed about them, the same way the plight of the American Indians and African Americans in the past has been told.”

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