‘Blank cheque offered to retract sex allegations’

Rahim Thamby Chik claims that businessman Shazryl Eskay Abdullah has been offered ‘any amount’ to retract his allegations against Anwar.

Leven Woon, FMT

Businessman Shazryl Eskay Abdullah is being offered “any amount” to retract his previous allegation implicating Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim in a sex video, claimed Rahim Thamby Chik.

Rahim, who together with Eskay and Perkasa’s Shuib Lazim, had revealed the sex video in 2011.

The former Malacca chief minister claimed that the offer was made to Eskay via a man believed to be Anwar’s runner.

“First he was tailed, then he was contacted and given such a offer. All he needed to do was to sign a statutory declaration and make u-turn on his previous allegation. In return, he would receive any amount that he wanted,” Rahim told a press conference.

Eskay was however absent and Rahim said this was due to security reasons.

The video in question showed a man resembling the opposition leader having sex with a woman. Anwar has since denied that he was the one in the video.