Who is PI Bala?

The fight for justice and truth is still very much alive although the private investigator is no more here to see its conclusion.

The Altantuya “curse” refused to go away. It has returned to haunt those who were responsible for committing such an unspeakable, cold-blooded, horrific murder. Her spirit must surely be pattering silently along the corridors of power, closely following the perpetrators wherever they go – to public functions, campaign trails, shopping sprees.

Free Malaysia Today

Who is PI Bala? The whole country knows private investigator P Balasubramaniam including even Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor. But the First Couple refuses to acknowledge the existence of such a man or pretends he does not exist. After all, Bala’s damaging revelations hardly saw print in the mainstream media. If there is nothing mentioned about Bala in the tightly controlled newspapers, then there is nothing to worry about. Even if it gets reported, the news is deliberately sanitised.

Who is PI Bala? Let’s take a brisk walk down the lane trodden by Bala. The private investigator was one of the key characters in the story about the murder of the Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu. He made two statutory declarations: the first contained the jaw-dropping allegation that Najib had intimate relationship with Altantuya; in the second SD, he withdrew the allegation implicating Najib in the gruesome murder.

Bala was the PI hired by Abdul Razak Baginda to stop Altantuya from harrying Abdul Razak and Najib. Abdul Razak was Najib’s former aide and Altantuya’s purported lover. Altantuya was harassing the duo for her commission after acting as a middle person in a submarine deal in which Najib was involved as the then deputy prime minister and defence minister. The Mongolian woman only wanted her share in the dodgy deal and ended up paying for her life.

After retracting the second SD, Bala went abroad. A seemingly innocent Najib went on to become the country’s most powerful CEO. No one now could touch a strand of his hair. For awhile, the Altantuya storm subsided. Then a carpet trader, Deepak Jaikishan, entered the stage and dropped a bombshell: he admitted he was the man who persuaded Bala to withdraw the second SD. Bala resurfaced to make a more damning statement: he was sticking to the first SD. Then he returned home and again swore that what was written in the first SD was nothing but the truth. Which means Najib was indeed involved in the murder of Altantuya.

The strength and integrity of the second SD have been considerably weakened and compromised when Bala’s lawyer Americk Siddhu told the world that the second SD was prepared on the instruction of Najib. How did he know? A lawyer by the name of Cecil Abraham had allegedly confessed to Americk that the former had drafted the second SD on orders of the almight CEO. Bala’s fight for justice has reopened a festering wound.