Anwar’s not important, good governance is

A good government is constituted by good people and the Umno-BN regime falls very short on ‘goodness’.

Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz, FMT

This coming general election is not about the culmination of efforts to make Anwar Ibrahim a prime minister.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his followers would want us to believe in that big lie. But it’s a lie that we must politely refuse if we still can do so politely.

Making Anwar a prime minister is secondary. The primary purpose is to install a good government.

Now, a good government is constituted by good people. That is the fundamental requirement.

We need good people, qualified, dedicated and selfless who work the system to make the country better.

When we say that, it is easy for people like Mahathir and Chandra Muzaffar (president of the International Movement for a Just World) to pour scorn and ridicule.

Mahathir in politics and Chandra in intellectual-dom cannot understand the contradiction.

It is as such not hard to reconcile the contradicting nature of people in Umno and people represented by Chandra.

They think and believe that ONLY they are capable of doing good and are unable to bring themselves to accepting that they can do wrong.

In order to “disbelieve” that “good” people like them can deteriorate into evil-doers requires a longer and indirect thinking process. It requires them to subordinate their emotions to rational thinking.

Mahathir has no time for that and it seems Chandra doesn’t want to do that either.

They prefer to continue believing that it’s ONLY them who can do good and it is impossible for good people like them to do “no good”.