Wong Tack should have declared his political intentions, says PKR MP Fuziah

(The Star) – Himpunan Hijau chairman Wong Tack should have declared his political intentions from day one, said PKR MP Fuziah Salleh.

The Kuantan MP said Wong, who would be contesting in Bentong under DAP, should not have dragged in the whole environmental non-governmental organisation against the rare earth plant Lynas in Gebeng as his platform to be a politician.

“A person can wear many hats and if the environmental issue is something he feels strongly about, he can be a candidate who advocates it. But he must stand alone.

“If not, it will risk the NGO being viewed as a political entity and that will create a conflict,” she was quoted as saying by The Mole.

Fuziah has also similarly campaigned against the plant.

Wong recently came under pressure from various groups asking him to quit the movement following DAP’s announcement that he would be contesting the Bentong parliamentary seat.

He had since expressed his willingness to give up the movement, adding, however, that he was neither elected nor appointed to his post because it was not officially registered as an NGO.