GE13: Do not let DAP mislead you, says Soi Lek 

(The Star) – DAP’s plan to focus more on Johor will only help PAS strengthen its presence in the state, says MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

Reminding the Chinese not to be misled by DAP’s propaganda, he said a stronger PAS’ presence would be detrimental to the Chinese community as the party’s focus was only on Islamic matters.

He said the best results that the DAP could score in Johor at the next general election was only 15 state seats out of a total of 56.

“It is DAP’s right to contest in Johor, but we hope that the Chinese community will not be misled by the Opposition because Johor is not going to be the second Penang,” he said after a luncheon with Chinese non-governmental organisations here yesterday.

“They (the DAP) are only paving the way for PAS to win more seats here.”

Dr Chua said PAS could not win in certain seats because of the lack of Chinese support for the party.

“As long as PAS has extra state seats, it will bring problems to the state because PAS does not care about state developments.

“Look at Kedah and Kelantan. The Chinese stand must be firm.

“The DAP is not coming here (to Johor) to be the king,” he said, referring to the problems faced by the Chinese community under PAS-led governments in Kedah and Kelantan.

On a number of DAP strongmen who were speculated to contest in Johor, Dr Chua said the Chinese should think thoroughly about their choice.

“One vote for the DAP is equal to a vote for PAS,” he warned.

“They are only individual heroes. Even if they gain extra seats here, can they change the fate of the Chinese community?”

Dr Chua said DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang would move from one place to another after defeating his opponents, serve for one to two terms there before he was gone again.

“What is he trying to prove? It only proves that he is only an individual hero,” said Dr Chua.

“This does not help the Chinese to improve their political influence,” he said, adding that in politics, a team needed a common direction.