Police raid Suara Keadilan office

The raid is said to be in connection with Tian Chua’s twitter message last week alleging that the Lahad Datu intrusion was staged by Umno.

Alyaa Azhar and Priscilla Prasena, FMT

Suara Keadilan, the official mouthpiece of PKR, was raided this morning by a group of six policemen.

The web portal reported that six policemen raided its office, checking computers at about 10.15 this morning.

“They [the police] are an investigating team from Johor Baru,” the website said, adding that the raid was in connection with Tian Chua’s statement on Lahad Datu which was uploaded by Keadilan Daily on March 1.

Yesterday, the PKR vice-president was charged with sedition at the Sessions Court for allegedly attributing the bloodbath in Lahad Datu to an Umno conspiracy.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Yusaini Amer Abdul Karim claimed in court that Tian Chua committed the offence when he labelled the Lahad Datu intrusion as an Umno conspiracy, adding that the incident had raised questions and doubts on Umno’s “shadow play” (wayang mainan).

Tian Chua was also charged with describing the Sulu gunmen’s incursion as a government plot to frighten the people and for alleging that Umno was trying to divert people’s attention from the issuance of identification cards to foreigners in Sabah.

Some of the remarks were published in a Keadilan Daily article titled “Insiden Tembak-Menembak Konspirasi Umno” dated March 3.

The web portal also said several Suara Keadilan staff were on duty at the second floor of the building in Jalan Metro Pudu, Cheras, when the police came knocking.

“They notified the staff that they were there to confiscate computers which were used to upload the Batu MP’s statement. They also showed a warrant allowing them to search the premises,” the portal said.

Written notes

However, lawyer Latheefa Koya, who was contacted by the portal staff, told them to tell the police to deal with her.

“After contacting Latheefa, the policemen then said they wanted written notes of Keadilan Daily reporter Aisha Geoffrey, who was called twice previously to the Petaling Jaya district police headquarters to give her statement.

“However, Aisha was on leave today. The police then left without taking anything after half-an-hour and told the staff that they will wait for Aisha to return to work,” the portal said.