Bar Council Must First Discuss SD1 at AGM 16 March 2013 


Before SD 2 is discussed at the coming AGM, SD 1 must be discussed. It is now crystal clear that SD1 was not signed voluntarily. Recent events that have unfolded since the return of P Balasubramaniam from India or wherever he was, clearly indicates Bala did not hire the prominent senior lawyer, Americk Singh who verifies information provided to him painstakingly for months, before putting pen to paper.

Bala did not seek out Americk Singh on his own volition for the national good. He was propelled there by Pakatan and their promise of RM700,000 and what other inducements is yet to be known. Should Americk Singh have prepared SD 1, knowing monetary inducements have been received and more to be received after the signing of SD 1. Has there been any wrong doing or worse still, professional misconduct on the part of the lawyer who drafted SD 1.

Pakatan’s complicity in SD1 is clearly borne out the fact that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim flanked Bala at the SD 1 Press Conference.

Were the contents of SD 1 the truth? Was concrete evidence given of the alleged part of the First Couple. Or was it a ploy by Pakatan to bring down the Prime Minister and the ruling government. This must be seen against the background of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s grand September 16 plan to topple the government by winning over the elected Barisan Representatives in Sabah and Sarawak. As everyone knows the plan flopped dismally.

The 14 brave (or rash?) lawyers should have called for a discussion of both SD 1 and SD 2. Are not lawyers trained to be objective, impartial and to consider all aspects of an issue; particularly when proposing a motion? Discussing SD 2 without discussing SD 1 would not only be lop sided but a travesty of justice.

Bar Council, please do the right thing, discuss both SD 1 and SD 2.