Azizah: Divine Will made Saiful’s father come to his senses

(Harakah Daily) – Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, wife of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, said it was Divine will which has made the father of sodomy accuser Saiful Bukhari Azlan to now say that his son’s accusation is baseless.

The PKR president, saying the statement last week by Azlan Mohd Lazim had vindicated her husband, said it was meaningful although the admission came a little late.

“I am grateful to God, I never expected this… On Allah can move a man’s heart,” she was quoted as saying by PKR organ Keadilandaily.

Azizah (pic) said Azlan’s confession showed that he was a responsible father, adding that it is never too late for anyone to seek forgiveness for past misdeeds.

“If this [Azlan’s statement] could open people’s hearts to see the truth, I am thankful to the Almighty,” she added.

Azizah said the couple’s children were also relieved by Azlan’s statement.

“They are more aggressive and think that it (the admission by Azlan) should have been made long ago,” she said.

Last Friday, Azlan, 60, said that Anwar was a victim of a political conspiracy, days before he announced joining PKR.

“My son was used by several unscrupulous individuals,” he said, naming an aide of prime minister Najib Razak.

“These people masterminded the slander against Anwar, using my son.”


The High Court acquitted Anwar of the charge early last year, but the attorney general’s chambers has appealed against the verdict with the case fixed for hearing in July.