‘Altantuya doesn’t want me to die yet’

Hazlan Zakaria, Malaysiakini

Divine intervention and a guardian spirit saved him from a close brush with death. So believes former private investigator P Balasubramaniam, who was on March 3 warded in the cardiac unit of a private hospital in Selangor after being diagnosed with clogged coronary vessels.

Balasubramaniam believes he could have died from a heart attack at any time after leaving India to return home last month to campaign for opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat, or during the many speaking engagements scheduled for him.

Better known as PI Bala, he is strong in his faith that “the man upstairs” and the spirit of the murdered Mongolian woman still needed him to continue with his crusade.

“Every year, on Oct 19, I pray for her. I hope one day justice will be done,” Bala told Malaysiakini in an exclusive interview on Monday.

His battle, he said, was not only for the murdered Mongolian but also for the “scapegoats” blamed for the crime.

NONEHis packed ceramah sessions over the past few weeks showcased his involvement in two contradictory statutory declarations (SD) and the alleged involvement of Najib Abdul Razak and those close to the prime minister in the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu and an alleged subsequent cover-up.

Bala discovered his heart condition during a medical check-up after experiencing breathing difficulties at the speaking engagementsin both Kota Bharu and Kuala Lumpur, causing him to miss ceramah sessions planned in Johor and Sabah.

“I want justice not only for Altantuya, but also for the two UTK (Unit Tindakan Khas or Special Operations Force) guys. You know how the UTK works, under instructions,” said the former police officer who served a stint in the Special Branch.

altantuya and son 050309Two officers from the UTK, an elite police force, were accused, tried and convicted of the murder of Altantuya (left) and were sentenced to death. They have appealed and the matter is still pending.

“We cannot simply send two innocent policemen to the gallows. Let us change the government, (because) once changed, the case will be reopened.

“Then we will know who is guilty, who is not guilty. If the government is not going to be changed, we won’t see the truth,” Bala argued.

Asked if well-connected carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan, who was directly involved with Bala’s second SD saga, had contacted him, the former private eye said he had “heard nothing” from Deepak.

Deepak also came out admitting to his own involvement in the saga, linking Najib and his close confidantes to the 2006 murder of the Mongolian translator and alleged cover-up.

‘I am a changed man since 2009’

However, he said it would be better for him and Deepak to work separately as they were not cut from exactly the same cloth.

NONE“Yes, he’s got the same story. But I am a changed man since 2009. Deepak (right) is a changed man only when something is not (right with his business).

“In 2009, and when Najib become deputy prime minister, I had already changed. I came back and look at what has happened to me.

“But Deepak, (only) when something is not right (with his business), he is shouting. Not me, I am the same person from 2009 till today. I am the same person, and my statements have been consistent,” Bala insisted.

The carpet trader had apparently started to come clean about his part in the Altantuya affair after he felt cheated by a senior Selangor Umno member in a land deal.

Deepak now claims to be crusading for justice for Altantuya.

NONEBala also dismissed allegations that he had been promised RM700,000 by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim if he campaigns for Pakatan.

“Let them say what they want to say, for God is great. If I have taken (the money), if Anwar paid me RM700,000, let God punish me.

“I have never heard about the 700k and I don’t know where they got (the idea).”

Regarding the police reports filed against him by Malay rights NGO Perkasa and its demands for proof of his allegations, Bala was unperturbed.

“Let them make noise… I am not bothered. Let them make noise as this is a democratic country.

“If the police call me l shall answer to the police. I am ever ready. I got three good lawyers behind me. Let them.”