Rafizi: Cops watched as Umno supporters attacked PKR Hq


(The Malaysian Insider) – Suspected Umno members have again been implicated in a violent attack against the opposition, including a threat to torch PKR’s headquarters here yesterday, just days after the party’s leadership alleged assault by government supporters in Malacca.

Yesterday, hardline group GMM, a known pro-Umno outfit, had gathered in front of the PKR building in a protest against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who the group alleged is the instigator of the Sulu militants’ incursion of Sabah.

About 50 of them, wearing white tees printed with anti-Anwar motifs, took turns to pelt the building with rocks, eggs, sticks and traffic cones. The group also torched the party’s flag.

Party strategy director Rafizi Ramli(picture) claimed the police from the Tropicana station, just two doors from the PKR headquarters, merely stood and watch.

“The violence is premeditated because they brought eggs, sticks and traffic cones specifically for (yesterday’s) event. Apart from behaving violently, these Umno followers had also threatened to torch our building which is a criminal offence.

“During the incident, not one police officer intervened to stop the violent conduct which is against the law. It is most embarrassing that the Tropicana police station is just two doors away,” he told reporters here.

Rafizi noted that the police responded in a similar manner when Anwar was attacked in Malacca and the party’s vice-president Chua Tian Chang received death threats following his alleged controversial remark on the Lahad Datu armed conflict.

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