Kamalanathan: Pakatan rule is no different from BN


(fz.com) – CONTRARY to claims that it would be more inclusive in its administration, the Pakatan Rakyat practises the same things it accuses the Barisan Nasional of doing, according to Hulu Selangor member of parliament P Kamalanathan. This clearly shows that when a federal opposition party takes over a state, it is no different from the ruling power in its actions, he said.

In addition, the electorate in the vast Hulu Selangor parliamentary constituency, located at the northern edge of the country’s richest state, are distressed from having to constantly endure the politicising of their problems, Kamalanathan claimed.
Most voters in this semi-rural constituency are employed in the manufacturing sector.
The locals earn between RM600 and RM2,500 monthly, and are generally sheltered from the increasing inflation that affects people in the urban centres. Prices of food items remain affordable and rent is relatively low due to a plateau in property values.
However, the one thing that would vex the populace, which includes more than 84,200 voters, is the patchy infrastructure maintenance and gaps in public works and services.
Kamalanathan said the problem starts with the councillors appointed to the Hulu Selangor Municipal Council (MDHS).
“The officers are very helpful and nice but unfortunately they have to follow instructions from the councillors, who are very difficult.
“Letters written by BN representatives or machinery are unheeded. For example, if we write in saying the roads were not properly paved or about potholes that were not properly treated, nothing is done,” he complained.
“Street lights in many areas here don’t work. When I check with Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), they say the lights are okay but the municipal council has not paid the bill,” exclaimed the first-term MP. According to him, the council owes TNB a few hundred thousand ringgit.
MDHS was not immediately available for comment.
Kamalanathan estimates that the Pakatan Rakyat-led state has used less than 60% of the federal allocation meant for road maintenance in Selangor under the Malaysian Road Records Information System (Marris).
“Where has the other 40% gone? In Hulu Selangor, several roads have yet to be resurfaced because there is not enough money from the state government.
“If these monies where properly channelled to the state’s councils then all these problems would have been solved,” he said. Despite repeated demands for clarification, said Kamalanathan, the state did not respond to the allegation.
He pointed out a spot where soil erosion caused by heavy rainfall last year at the road corner opposite his service centre in Bukit Beruntung has yet to be attended to.
The site of the erosion and its surroundings, have since become a dumping ground for business operators in the area.
“It’s been more than a year and it’s still there. They are not being inclusive, they are not even willing to have a meeting with me. They are not walking the talk. It’s the same culture they claim was practiced by BN,” he said, referring to the lack of cooperation from the councillors.
“I don’t have enough to provide for people who come asking me to help repair roads in their housing areas.”