Wong Tack Should Not Stand on PKR Ticket Unless Anwar Ibrahim & Him Clarify Their Stand on Lynas

Khoo Kay Peng

Speaking to an Australian media, the PKR de facto leader and PR’s prime minister designate Anwar Ibrahim has appeared to have soften his stand against Lynas.

According to the news media, Malaysia’s Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has pledged to back Australian miner Lynas operating a controversial rare earths processing plant, if a new public inquiry proves it to be safe.

Earlier he had demanded the plant’s closure.

Dr Anwar confirmed that if he won power, he would fast-track the inquiry but until then he would move quickly to shut the plant near the coastal town of Kuantan, 194 kilometres north-east of Kuala Lumpur.

Dr Anwar said he would offer the company and others the opportunity to testify before any inquiry.

He would also seek to involve world experts on rare earths that are used to make high-tech products such as smartphones, iPods, flat-screen televisions, hybrid cars and missiles. “If Lynas can come out with a convincing argument there is no risk to people’s safety and security I will be the first to champion the plant there,” Dr Anwar said.

A friend and a renowned Malaysian socio-political scientist teaching in Singapore reacted when he first read Anwar’s statement: ” Apparently Anwar also said that Lynas might not be postponed if it is reviewed under PR???? WTH?? Im trying to confirm if he actually said this to the Australian press…Dude, what the hell Anwar has been smoking???”

Anwar’s stand is putting his PR’s manifesto in jeopardy. The document has clearly stated that it shall STOP Lynas if the coalition comes into power. No compromise, no further enquiry and without a doubt. The argument is simple; the project has brought psychological pain and stress to the people surrounding the area. Fishermen are afraid of water contamination. Families are afraid of rare earth particles in the air.

Anwar in his interview, which can be viewed from the link provided, said that he has confided in Wong Tack on his recent move to grant Lynas an opportunity to redeem itself by coming out with a convincing argument that there is no risk to people’s safety and health.

Hence, it is best that Wong Tack clarifies with Anwar Ibrahim his recent stand on Lynas. It would be prudent for Wong Tack to state his own stand too since his name was brought up by Anwar in the interview.