Mistake to rekindle Saiful affair


PKR cannot accuse Umno of using dirty tactics when the former itself is guilty in abundance of doing the same thing.

CT Ali, Free Malaysia Today

You would think that after all that he has been through, Anwar Ibrahim understands that he, above every other politician, should lead Pakatan Rakyat away from the gutter level of discourse that passes for politics in our nation.

In this latest twist and turn of the Saiful sodomy saga, we see it all happening again – albeit in a more precarious situation than before for Anwar.

He has already got his “get out of jail” card, so why in the name of common sense does he want to revisit the site of his near political death?

And whatever the outcome of this Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s father’s latest “awakening” is, I believe it will result in no political gain for Anwar, PKR or Pakatan Rakyat.

I do not understand the need for any party within Pakatan Rakyat to resort to the tactics that PKR is now stooping to in revisiting the Saiful sodomy on its own volition.

That was that Sungai Petani PKR MP Johari Abdul who accompanied Saiful’s father, Azlan Mohd Lazim, to the press conference, was it not?

So let nobody deny that PKR is complicit in this disgusting circus of pitting father against son and vice versa.

What are they doing here? Accusing Umno of using gutter politics to try and score cheap points with the Malaysian public and bring Anwar down?

Surely it is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. PKR cannot accuse Umno of using dirty tactics when the former itself is guilty in abundance of doing the same thing.

Visiting the Saiful case serves no purpose for our nation or our people except to remind them again of the abyss our politicking is now drowning in.

You do not have to tarnish the image of Najib and Umno – they have already been doing it to themselves quite adequately.

Why not take the level of political discourse to a more sensible level? Why not challenge Umno and BN on an ideological and political level?

But no, Anwar and PKR prefer to take the low road – gutter politics.

Drama from the father

Already you question the credibility of what this father of Saiful has to say. He mentions Najib’s special officer, Khairil Annas Jusoh, and yet has never met him.

So he tells us that he had stood by his son to provide moral support. So what has changed? Saiful’s morality or his?

He says his son is a good person, so what has changed with Saiful to make him change his mind – or again is it himself that has changed?

And why the change – a sudden rush of religious morality or financial inducements? Do not bring race or religion into this. What has being Malay got to do with it all?

If you talk about religion, then what is more kosher – Saiful taking an oath in the name of Allah that he has been sodomised by DSAI or his father using religion as an excuse of supposedly coming clean.

So his previous statement had been scripted by his son’s lawyer Zamri Idrus? Who is now scripting his statement now?

And why the presence of Johari – that in itself smacks of politics being behind it all, not morality, not religion, not race.

He tells us that the government did not meet with him or even ask his opinion on the case. Why should the government meet with him and discuss the case?

Was it not his son that was sodomised and not he?

And again invoking the name of Allah, he wants to ask for forgiveness from Anwar’s family and from Anwar himself.

Do not use the name of Allah in vain; use it so often and in all circumstances that it no longer has any credibility in announcing your guilt or innocence to any of us – what more to Allah?

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