Kiram orders troops to stay, no surrender

The Sultans’ daughter says the sultan’s followers won’t leave Sabah despite attacks by Malaysian security forces.

(Agencies) – MANILA:  The daughter of self-proclaimed Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III on Saturday said the followers of the sultan are standing firm on their decision not to surrender even after the foreign affairs department said that laying down their arms is the only way left to prevent further bloodshed in Sabah.

Speaking with radio dzMM, Princess Jaycel said the group of Raja Muda Agbimuddin Kiram still won’t leave Sabah despite the attacks being launched against them by Malaysian security forces.

“Fior the Raja Muda and his people that this is honor above life, ” she said.

” They want to live there peacefully,” she added.

Foreign Affairs spokesman Raul Hernandez on Friday said Raja Muda’s group is left with no other choice but to lay down their arms after the call for ceasefire was rejected by the Malaysian government.

Malaysian police had said the Filipinos were not showing any sign of surrendering, thus the operation against them will continue.

Hernandez said Malaysian forces are determined to “destroy militants” in Lahad Datu town.

Hernandez said, however, that the DFA has yet to confirm these incidents and the total number of fatalities in Sabah.

Malaysian troops said they shot and killed 32 followers of the sultan during the latest assault, bringing the total dead to 60, including 52 militants. Eight Malaysian policemen were killed in skirmishes last weekend.

However, citing information from Raja Muda, the spokesman of Kiram III said 10 royal army soldiers have so far died since armed clashes began last week.

Abraham Idjirani claimed no more royal army soldiers died in the succeeding attacks. He said 235 royal army soldiers have all been accounted for, with 10 fatalities, 10 arrested and 4 injured.