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“The Shi’ite influence from Iran exists here and there are attempts to spread it among the community. This represents a major problem not only to the education system but also the Muslim community, so I want immediate action to be taken to prevent the spread of such teachings,” said Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Thorough study to identify, curb Shi’ite teachings: DPM

(Bernama) – The government will carry out a thorough study to identify Islamic religious teachers involved in the Shi’ite teachings to curb such activities so that Muslims in the country are not misled by such teachings.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said such a study needed to be carried out at several levels instead of just making presumptions.

“This includes studying the character of the teachers (involved in Shi’ite teachings), their methods of teaching, social activities and their involvement in such teachings. If they are really involved, they would be advised,” he said.

He said this at the Northern Zone Conference of Islamic Religious Teachers, Ministry of Education at Universiti Sains Malaysia, here today which was attended by about 2,300 religious teachers.

Muhyiddin, who is also the Education Minister, said this when responding to a question from a religious teacher from Kedah who wanted the government to take action on the growing incidence of religious teachers involved in Shi’ite teachings.

He said immediate action must also be taken as the Shi’ite teachings were contradictory to Islamic teachings in this country and could not be accepted particularly as they involved religious teachers.

He expressed concern if the Shi’ite teachings spread to students through lessons in school and the community because religious teachers had great influence in the society.

“The Shi’ite influence from Iran exists here and there are attempts to spread it among the community. This represents a major problem not only to the education system but also the Muslim community, so I want immediate action to be taken to prevent the spread of such teachings,” he said.

Meanwhile in his speech, Muhyiddin said the Barisan Nasional (BN) government implemented numerous measures in empowering Islam including in the Islamic religious education system in schools, the creation of an international Islamic university and the implementation of Islamic banking and finance which had been recognised as the best in the world.

“All forms of progress and development implemented by the BN government are in line with the requirements of Islam as had been stated, ‘Balanced Life in the Present World and Hereafter’,” he said.

He said that it would not be able to implement policies pertaining to Islam if Malaysia did not have a government or administration that was committed to empowering and preserving the sanctity of the Islamic religion.

“Islamic education as the federal religion does not necessarily guarantee the implementation of Islamic policies if there is no commitment or determination on the part of the government that does not see the need for the sanctity of the Islamic religion to be preserved and the growth of Islam.”

Muhyiddin said the federal government had given emphasis on raising the quality of Islamic teaching as it was important for the Muslims in Malaysia.


I shudder when Malays foam at the mouth and scream about Al Qur’an, Al Hadith, Al Sunnah and Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah (Sunni, for short). Then they will say that a good Sunni will follow the teachings of Imam Ghazali and Imam Shafiee. Then they will conclude by saying that the Shi’ite are not true Muslims, they are deviant Muslims — in fact, you should not even consider them Muslims at all — and Malaysians who follow the teachings Shi’ite must be arrested and sent for religious rehabilitation.

And, in the past, many followers of Shi’ite teachings — some of them lecturers and professors of various Malaysian universities — have been arrested for this ‘crime’. So, today, those Malays who follow Shi’ite teachings do so secretly to avoid arrest. They go ‘underground’ and become ‘closet’ followers of Shi’ism.

This is just like England of the 1500s when Catholics would also go underground and practice Catholicism secretly. If not they would be arrested, their property confiscated, and they would be tortured and then when they are half-dead would be burned alive at the stake like witches and warlocks.

100 years later, England went through a Civil War and one of the various reasons being that Charles I was suspected of being a Catholic sympathiser. The Puritans led by Oliver Cromwell wanted to eradicate the anti-Christ and heretic Catholics from English soil. They even banned Christmas and removed statues and crucifixes from churches, symbols of popish believes and papist religious deviation.

Today, Malaysia is going through what England went through 400-500 years ago. And Catholicism is replaced with Shi’ism. But in Malaysia they only arrest you and send you for religious rehabilitation. They do not burn you alive at the stake — after being tortured an inch from death — like they used to do in England four-five centuries ago.

I wonder why.

Do you know that the two famous imams of Sunni Islam — Imam Ghazali and Imam Shafiee — were students of Shi’ite scholars? And do you also know that the Hadith — that the Sunnis say are compulsory to follow — was written by Persians and not by scholars from Mekah and/or Medina. In fact, during the time of the four Caliphs of Medina, they banned Hadith. Omar was so outraged by false Hadith that he would flog anyone who wrote these Hadith.

Strange or not? We reject the Persian version of Islam but we follow the Hadith and Imams of Persia.

I wonder whether the Deputy Prime Minister is aware of this. Does he know that the so-called ulama’ (religious scholars) have been hiding this fact from us. And because 99% of Malays are ignorant of Islam, they do not know this.

It is like the Protestants or Anglicans rejecting popish teachings and then they go and celebrate pagan Christmas every 25th December. Strange or not?

It looks like both Christians and Muslims are equally weird. Then they say that the Christians and Muslims follow the Abrahamic faith. But Abraham is the father of Judaism. Should not Christians and Muslims then be Jews?

Strange! Very strange indeed! They say this is called blind faith. I think it is more like blind rather than faith. And these people think they are all going to heaven and the rest of us are going to hell.

Strange! Very strange indeed! And do you know that Hudud is Jewish law. And the Christians allege that Jesus abrogated the Jewish law of Hudud while the Muslims claim it is Islamic law.

Strange! Very strange indeed!