Elderly Woman Killed by Suspected UMNO Vehicle



An old lady riding a motorbike after work in a rubber estate was killed by a four-wheel drive, suspected to be a vehicle used by UMNO members.

According to sources, the driver in the car fled the scene, while two passengers got down and bringing down the 1Malaysia flag and party logos before running off.

The elder woman’s husband, who was trailing behind her motorbike witnessed the entire incident, broke down in tears as his wife died on the spot due to loss of blood.

The tragic accident occurred yesterday morning near the main road from Jalan Lekiu. At that time, the old couple was on their way back home after work in the rubber estate riding their own bikes separately, before the accident happened.

The old man said that a 4-wheel vehicle passed him at a very high speed and before he knew it, the car rammed into the back of his wife’s motorbike. A 300-meter long skid mark was left on the scene as well.

Relatives rushed to the scene after receiving the news and cried uncontrollably when they saw the old lady lying in a pool of blood. The old man who remained beside his wife’s body waited until the police came for investigation then only he left with his motorbike alone.

Manjung district police chief Assistant Commissioner Jaafar Baba said they will investigate the case as soon as possible but he will not be giving out any details of the case yet. When asked whether the family of the deceased or the drivers report about the accident, he is unwilling to respond and stressed that the police will handling the case according to procedure.

The deceased’s grand child posted the incident on her Facebook profile as well, with hopes that justice will be served.

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