Anwar mum over Sabah conspiracy allegations

(Asia News Network) – Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has refused to clarify foreign news reports of his purported links to a Sabah opposition politician alleged to have a hand in the armed intrusion in Sabah, saying the matter is being dealt with by his lawyers.

When told that media reports in the Philippines had implicated him, Anwar said: “There are many media in the Philippines. Which one are you referring to?”

Anwar was speaking at a press conference to specifically address the foreign armed intrusion of Sabah.

When told that the claim was made by the Philippines Daily Inquirer, Anwar said he had read the article and there was no mention of him being linked to the issue.

The Philippines Daily Inquirer, in a report last Friday, quoted Filipino army intelligence sources as saying that a Sabah politician allied to a Malaysian opposition leader had recently met with representatives of the Sultan of Sulu.

When asked whether a Royal Commission of Inquiry should be set up to clear his name, Anwar merely dismissed the claims as accusations made by Umno.

Anwar said he merely wanted to highlight its impact on the nation’s security and sovereignty.

He accused the government of having failed to deal with the armed intrusion swiftly, including failing to provide accurate information resulting in rumour mongering and fear among the rakyat.

He called on the prime minister to convene roundtable talks with the opposition leadership, Home minister and Defence minister, followed by an emergency Parliament sitting to discuss the issue.

He also called on Malaysians to put aside their political affiliations and support the nation’s security forces.

Meanwhile, a picture of Anwar holding a discussion with Moro National Liberation Front founding chairman Nur Misuari is being circulated in cyberspace.

However, it is not known when and where the picture was taken.