Was there a hidden peace deal between Philippines government and Malaysia?


The recent fiasco in Sabah looks like your usual invasion scenario, but has anyone given a thought that all this could be a ruse to play out the hidden peace deal brokered by Malaysia along with the Philippines government?

Yong Ming Hui

The Malaysian and Philippines could be working hand in hand together to orchestrate the current fiasco, because it is all too convenient that opposition parties are implicated here, notably that of Anwar Ibrahim.

The opposition has nothing to gain from doing this, and to the risk to be discovered/exposed is too high and suicidal.

The reason why both governments would conspire to frame Malaysian opposition is simply this.

If the opposition party ever comes to power in Malaysia, their first job would be to weed out the phantom voters, and to correct the mistakes of Mahathir with the sabah IC project. The royal commission for the Sabah IC project would commence full fledge and Mahathir would be implicated and possibly prosecuted.

The removal of illegal Muslim Pinoys and those from IC project, would become a political and economical headache for the Philippines government who would have to accept them back. This sudden influx of unwanted Malaysian Pinoys would be too many mouths to feed in terms of jobs for the Pinoy government.

The hidden peace deal package brokered by Malaysia with the requirement of the Philippine government would be to include the continuous importation of Pinoy Muslims to Sabah, therefore increasing even more voters for project IC which is still possibly ongoing. This helps the Pinoy government, who doesn’t really want to deal with these ‘rebels’ since Malaysia is willing to import them for political purposes.

But in order for this plan to work, the present government in Malaysia has to remain Barisan Nasional, and not the Opposition party, which has no access to such hidden deal and not obligated to honor them since such arrangement is a liability to their existence, if they ever come to power.

That also, in addition to the Philippines government to never stake a claim on Sabah again, as long as Malaysia is willing to solve their rebel issue, by absorbing and assimilating them into Sabah.

That, perhaps, is one of the most potent reason and deal for the Pinoy government to work with Malaysia’s Barisan Nasional to frame the opposition party, namely Anwar Ibrahim, for the invasion of Sabah.