Tian Chua: I didn’t insult our commandos

Zurairi AR, TMI

PKR vice-president Chua Tian Chang denied today ever making derogatory remarks undermining the police commandos involved in the Lahad Datu stand-off.

Chua, popularly known as Tian Chua, claimed that the incident had been manipulated by cybertroopers to generate hate against him and other Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders.

“This was a faked story and absolutely untrue,” said Chua (picture) in a press statement, explaining that he was not in Puchong here yesterday where he purportedly made the remarks.

“I was actually in Johor, and in all of my speeches, I stated my confidence and support for our security forces and their officers.”

According to Chua, some pro-BN blogs have quoted him as describing the deaths of the security forces as “mati katak” (died in vain) in a Puchong rally yesterday.

The blogs also asked their readers, especially police and army officers, to deliver text messages to him expressing their disapproval, Chua said.

Chua had also reportedly told the KeadilanDaily online portal on March 1 that the shooting in Lahad Datu was believed to be a “planned conspiracy of the Umno government” to divert attention and intimidate the people.

A group of around 100 retired policemen gathered in front of the National Monument here today to protest against alleged remarks by Chua, in an event described as the first time police retirees and former IGPs have ever gathered to express their discontent and displeasure.

The police veterans carried placards saying “Tian Chua pengkhianat negara (Tian Chua is a national traitor)”, “Tian Chua manusia tak berhati perut (Tian Chua is heartless)”, and “Tian Chua perlu minta maaf (Tian Chua must apologise)”.

Several reports today said that groups of police retirees and officers are lodging police reports against Chua over his alleged “seditious remarks”.