Hindu Malaysia Agenda -Rally


Some 72 Hindu based NGO’s in Malaysia have decided unanimously to organize a Hindu Malaysia Rally on 16thMarch, 2013 at Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Kuala Lumpur from 3pm to 6pm. The main aim of this rally is to highlight demands of the Hindu Community in 5 key areas; mainly constitutional dilemma, conversion problems, Education, Economy, Social and Religion.  A task force committee has been formed and all efforts are done to gather an audience of 10,000 Hindus on that day.

For many generations, the Hindu Malaysian Community has toiled hard and contributed enormously in developing the economy and bringing prosperity and progress to the country.  Unfortunately, the very community which has contributed so much has been left far behind.  Thus, in view of the coming 13th General Election, Hindu Malaysians have the opportunity to position them to ensure that their rights and needs are taken care which in turn will strengthen the Malaysian Nation.  In about 62 Parliamentary Constituencies and 148 State Assembly Constituencies, Hindus form a significant section of voters who can determine the outcome of the General Election.
“The right time has come for Hindu Malaysians to show our solidarity once again by participating in the rally. We owe this duty to the community and our future generations because the Government of the day will decide on policies which will shape the future direction of the nation” said Dr.R.Rupa Saminathan, the organizing secretary of the rally.