21st Royal Malay Regiment Pengkalan Chepa Deployed To Sabah

(Bernama) – A group of soldiers from the 21st Royal Malay Regiment (RAMD) at the 8th Brigade Camp, Pengkalan Chepa, left for Sabah as an additional battalion to monitor the situation in Lahad Datu.

They were given a tearful send-off by family members at the Sultan Ismail Petra Airport in Pengkalan Chepa here.

“Dear God, protect our father,” said six-year-old Mohammad Faris Aiman Mohd Faizul Anuar and younger sister, Arisya Sofia, four, ina telephone conversation with their father, Captain Mohd Faizul Anuar Fazil.

Siti Nor Juliana Ismail, 28, said it was with a heavy heart to see her husband, Corporal Ismail Ibrahim, 31, leaving, but she understood his responsibility to the country.

She hoped that the situation in Sabah would returned to normal soon.

Sarimah Othman, 34, said she was uncertain of her feeling after being informed by husband, Major Zaki Kadir, that he had to go to Sabah.

“It worries me. I was thinking of our children. They are still very young,. I’ll pray for his safe return,” she added.

Armed forces Chief General Tan Sri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin was reported to have said that two more army battalions would be deployed in several areas in the east coast of Sabah in an effort to restore public confidence.

The incursion in Lahad Datu had claimed the lives of seven policemen in separate incidents in Lahad Datu last Friday and in Semporna yesterday.

It was reported that 15 of the intruders were killed so far, including one who was reported assaulted by villagers who overpowered him after he took them hostage in a village in Semporna.