Politics, Manifestos and the difference between a Sponsorship guy and a Marketing man


Anas Zubedy 


Once I was asked to consult for a bank. 


The top management was to listen to a marketing plan prepared by the new Marketing Director. Within minutes I knew that this was a Sponsorship guy pretending to be a Marketer.


He spent the next 45 minutes showing his plan to build the Brand via sponsorship and giving away goodies to thousands and thousands of potential customers thus winning them over to the Brand.


Those in the meeting were non-marketing people and as such were somewhat impressed with the presentation, including the Bank’s second in command – the person who employed the new Marketing Director.


The Second in Command (who did not agree that the MD engaged us) turned cockily towards me and asked, “Hah…Consultant, ada apa-apa nak komen ka? “.


I smiled and asked the new Marketing Director, “Brother, you have shown me how to spend money. Can you show me now how you are going to make them? “


The meeting was adjourned.