Seeking Najib’s help to solve Indian woes

Hindraf Makkal Sakti says it will side with whoever is willing to help the Indian community.

Ahti Shankar, FMT

After fruitless meetings with Pakatan Rakyat, Hindraf now wants to meet Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to endorse its blueprint for the Indian community.

Hindraf Makkal Sakti chief P Waythamoorthy said the decision to meet Najib was made after much deliberations at all levels of the leadership and with the Indian community.

He said the meeting was to secure Najib’s written assurances and endorsement for its blueprint designed to improve the Indian working class community.

“After a long deliberation on the issue, we have decided to meet the prime minister to resolve Indian problems.

“We are not interested in politicking,” he said today.

Hindraf has already held a series of meetings with Pakatan leaders, notably from PKR, to get the coalition’s written assurances and commitment for its blueprint if Pakatan were to capture Putrajaya.

He said, as expected, Pakatan was more interested in using Hindraf to garner Indian votes than looking into the predicament of the Indians.

Waythamoorthy brushed aside criticisms by pro-Pakatan supporters and bloggers that the movement was playing both sides of the political divide for the best deal.

Stressing that Hindraf was not interested in political mileage, he said Hindraf cannot afford to be topsy-turvy, partisan and partial when dealing with Indian problems, which have existed for decades.

He said Hindraf had to meet Najib because it did not want its struggle for the Indian community to hit a snag after the general election if Barisan Nasional retained the federal government.

“What if Pakatan loses the general election? What should Hindraf do then? How is it going to deal with a BN government to resolve Indian issues?

“It will be a Catch-22 situation for us then,” he said.