Another ‘irritation’ for Najib?

The Deepak story can attract attention. Question is will the readers believe the content?

Mohsin Abdullah,  

NOW that Bala is back home, the question is, will he be a “thorn” to the prime minister, his wife or BN even?

That is to put it mildly. Very mildly in fact. Bala is of course P Balasubramaniam (or PI Bala, as he is popularly known), the private investigator who many believe knows an awful lot of things about the Altantuya Shaaribu murder.
And his “damaging” statutory declaration (SD) against Datuk Seri Najib Razak and the subsequent SD “clearing” the PM continue to be talked about until now.
Upon returning from Chennai, India, where he had stayed in exile (some say self-imposed, others say enforced), he promised to hold a press conference anytime soon to give a detailed account on the SDs.
And he will sort of bring his case to the rakyat. Direct, on Wednesday, Feb 27, when Bala is scheduled to speak at a forum in Kuala Lumpur.
Surely there will be more – ceramahs and what not, nationwide. Bala has after all said he will campaign for Pakatan Rakyat.
The Altantuya murder will feature prominently in his ceramah. That is a given. That will not be good for the PM and BN with election approaching fast. That is the general perception.
Then there’s Deepak Jaikishan. The businessman has been talking and has not stop talking – throwing allegations against Najib, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor and the PM’s brother as well.
There’s no need for specifics as we know what he has said especially on Bala’s SD. In particular, the second SD where Bala retracted the “Najib aspect”.
Najib has not responded to Deepak – save for a Jan 17 denial and a shot and curt “Deepak is not credible” remark. Which incidentally, prompted the carpet man to sue the PM for defamation recently.
Deepak too has said he will bring his story to the rakyat. He was scheduled to talk at a ceramah at the old PAS headquarters in Taman Melewar last week.
Somehow he did not turn up although the ceramah went on as planned. But definitely, other ceramah for him will be set for him, if not already.
Bala has confirmed Deepak’s story that the businessman met him asking him to come up with SD number two. So with Bala in the country, will Deepak speak on the same stage as the private investigator? A collaboration?
Both have said they are not go looking for each other but Bala did say he is ok with a “collaboration” if Deepak “comes” to him. That can be damaging to the PM. Will it not? “Deepak and Bala won’t hurt.
Their credibility is questionable. Won’t have traction,” said a member of a think tank linked closely to the PM’s Office. He alleged “both looking for money”.
But he went on to say this: “More worrying is Raja Ropiaah. That requires some urgent attention.”
Raja Ropiaah Raja Abdullah is the Selangor Umno Wanita chief whom Deepak accused of “stealing” land worth millions of ringgit from his company and reselling a portion of it to a third party.
And Deepak had also alleged that a member of Najib’s family had taken a “commission” worth millions for Najib’s “role in getting the land” owned by the Defence Ministry privatised to Raja Ropiaah in 2005. 

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