Election in June?

If the public opinion is turning against the current PM, the ruling party will be expected to remove the incumbent leader. 

Amir Ali, FMT

The news is out that there might be a lengthy delay in the holding of the 13th general election. What will be the cost of further delays – beyond April 2013 – for Barisan Nasional, the country and the opposition?

Recently, several foreign newspapers and portals pinpointed on the difficulties faced by the ruling coalition to hold the polls.

Among the ruling coalition, there are fears of yet another setback, if the polls are held before April 2013.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad has periodically voiced his views that BN will be winning the next elections, but with a reduced majority. Lately, he suggested such a victory will render the regime destitute, or rather impotent.

In Malaysia, while most observers were adamant the polls will be held in 2012, they were dumbfounded by the prime minister’s hesitations.

With the month of January ducked, the month of February crossed-out, there is left the months of March, April or May.

Leadership crisis?

However, the month of June – as some observers are pointing out – could be the time for the elections.

Putrajaya seems emboldened by the calls from the Sabah State Reform Party (STAR) chairman Jeffrey Kitingan, to delay the Sabah polls.

This could be used to bolster plans to hold the 2013 polls, beyond the dissolution of the Parliament in April.

Nonetheless, there are talks in town within the local political cahoots, that elections may eventually be held in June this year.

The two weeks school holidays in May and June could be the appropriate time, it is said to hold the polls.

Beyond that period, there will be major Islamic events, that would render holding the polls a monumental task.

The reason for further delays? The massive crowd in Kuala Lumpur on Jan 12, supporting the opposition’s call for free and fair elections.

The backlash of the water crisis in Selangor is cited as one of the reasons for BN to seek a lengthy delay in calling for the elections.

The failure to dissipate the accusations against the prime minister by a former “friend” of the PM’s family, is another credible reason.

The negative predictions by a key analyst of Bank Islam, could yet be another probable reason for the possible delays.

Further delays, however, could spark a leadership crisis within Umno.