PI Bala returning to help Pakatan in GE13, says lawyer

Bala to arrive in KL 6.00pm on Sunday

Clara Chooi, The Malaysian Insider

P. Balasubramaniam’s decision to return to Malaysia for good this weekend is spurred by the ex-investigator’s determination to help Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) campaign to capture Putrajaya in Election 2013, his lawyer Americk Singh Sidhu said today.

The lawyer said Balasubramaniam or “PI Bala”, who became famous following his explosive revelations on the 2006 murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu, had decided to come out of hiding and brave his return simply to participate in PR’s polls campaign.

“He wants to help campaign for the opposition,” Americk told The Malaysian Insider when asked for the reason behind the timing of Balasubramaniam’s sudden return.

“He wants to join in with the rest of the Malaysian society to ensure there is a change in government… a long overdue change,” he added.

In an exclusive email interview with news portal Malaysiakini carried today, Balasubramaniam (picture) confirmed plans to return for good this Sunday and was quoted as saying that he hoped PR achieves its Putrajaya dream in the next polls.

But Americk also raised concerns over Balasubramaniam’s safety, saying he hoped Immigration officials would not find cause to give any trouble to the man.

“They might deport him to Australia, though, won’t they?” the lawyer said in jest, referring to the recent expulsion of Australian Senator Nick Xenophon who was deported home last weekend for posing a “security risk” to Malaysia.

“But no, I should think there should be no problem. He (Balasubramaniam) is a Malaysian citizen, he has a Malaysian passport and he is just returning to his motherland.

“He is no criminal or a bankrupt, he is an ordinary citizen who has the right to be here,” he added.

Asked if there are fears over Balasubramaniam’s safety in public, Americk said there was no reason why the latter could not roam freely as he pleased.

“I don’t think anyone should attack him. He hasn’t hurt anybody,” he pointed out.

He confirmed that Balasubramaniam will arrive at the KL International Airport at 6pm on Sunday.