The sovereignty of Sabah rests with its people 

INSANE…..The so-called Sulu Sultan says that his people, numbering 400, will not leave Sabah since it ‘belongs to them’. “Why should we leave our own country?” he asked. Using the ‘sultan’s’ logic, all Sabahans should leave Sabah since ‘it belongs to him’.

Joe Fernandez 

This sovereignty was never transferred to Brunei, Sulu, Britain, the Philippines or even Malaysia.

The “Sultan” and his followers should be committed, by the High Court of Borneo, to a mental institution.

The RM 5,300 per annum which the descendants of the nine heirs of the defunct Sulu Sultanate receives by a 1939 order of the High Court of Borneo is for transfer of the right to collect toll along the waterways in eastern and northern Sabah to the British North Borneo Chartered Company which had a Royal Charter from the Queen of England to run Sabah.

The Lahad Datu standoff is a good time to re-visit the issue of Sovereignty of Sabah which rests with the people and have never been transferred to Brunei, Sulu, Britain, the Philippines or Malaysia. No referendum was held in Sabah on Malaysia. The Brunei and Sulu toll extortioners never ventured beyond the coasts as they were afraid of the headhunters in the interior.

By the Madrid Protocol signed between the UK, Germany and Spain, Spain which was ruling the Philippines gave up all territorial claims in Borneo.

The Madrid Protocol also accepted that the Sulu Sultanate went defunct when the last Sultan died without leaving a male heir.