PM: Opposition only has attractive slogans 

(The Star) – Slogans by the Opposition may be attractive but these do not assure the people’s comforts or way of life, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

In contrast, Najib said the Government Transformation Programmes had proven to enhance both the country’s and the people’s standards of living and morale.

Malaysians, he added, could not survive only on nice slogans or huge banners.

“Can the banners give your children an education? Or repair your homes? The answer is not at all.

“However, the transformation programmes can help the people out. The proof is that today, some 7,000 people in the Chini state constituency have received their Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) from the Government,” he said during a kenduri rakyat in Bandar Dara Chini attended by some 20,000 people here yesterday.

Najib also urged the people to evaluate the attempts by certain groups to inspire a revolution through reformasi (reformation) like in Egypt.

Although these groups had used the word reformasi instead of revolution for their cause, he said there was no better word than the “transformation” undertaken by the Government.

“If reformasi means demonstrasi (demonstration) and baling kerusi (chair throwing), it is definitely not good.

“It is better to have transformasi (transformation) as we are doing to help the people out of concern for their needs, such as giving out BR1M, the early schooling aid and so many other forms of assistance from the Government.

“The reformasi cannot give all of these,” he said to loud applause from the crowd.

Unlike the Opposition, Najib said Barisan Nasional had not played the people out by not fulfilling its promises.

“All the Opposition’s promises to the people in Selangor how many of these have been fulfilled? The monthly financial aid to single mothers was not fulfilled despite them having been in power for nearly five years.

“Many Selangor folk are also disappointed with the promise for free water supply. Instead, there is no water,” he said.

“This is the fate that has befallen the people after believing those promises by the Opposition. However, with the Barisan government, our promises are fulfilled,” added Najib.