Who will light the fire?


(Free Malaysia Today) – At the hint of a looming rout or even a hung Parliament, BN will dig deep into its arsenal for one last weapon to reverse the tide of defeat – and that is creating chaos in the country. 

Given the high stakes involved, the people can expect a bruising battle between Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat.

When the campaign for 13th general election starts, Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat will hit the trail for what is likely to be a bruising contest, with no holds barred. These two mortal foes will go all out for the knock-out blow in the race for political power. The contest will be most keenly fought because now, for the first time, BN is facing fierce opposition. There is a real chance for Pakatan to topple BN and write a new chapter in the history of Malaysia.

The question then arises: Will violence erupt? Who will light the fire first that will turn the skies blood-red? There are any number of causes that can lead to trouble. Some may be minor ones that can be brought under control, while others may be major ones that can spin out of control. In any election for high office passions will run high and when emotions get the upperhand, reasons will flee, paving the way for hostile confrontations.

The first hint of trouble came from the mouth of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak who vowed to defend the seat of government at any price, even if it meant at the cost of “crushed bodies and lost lives”. This is no idle threat. It must be taken seriously because BN is unlikely to accept defeat graciously after more than 50 years in splendid power. It has come to a stage where BN believes it owns the country and is prepared to shed blood to keep its “property”.

But in typical BN fashion, Najib wants to put the blame on the opposition should the dam of popular rage burst wide open. He wags his finger at Anwar Ibrahim after reading a dire warning from Dr Mahathir Mohamad – the crusty, washed-out politician – that the opposition leader will provoke street protests should his ambition to become prime minister is thwarted.

Najib paints himself as a principled democrat who believes in parliamentary democracy whereas Anwar is tarred as a rabid demagogue who will not respect the voice of the majority. In a subtle way, Najib is telling the people not to place their bets on the Pakatan firebrand. Anwar will destroy democracy. Anwar will bring utter ruin to the country.

Art of deception

Najib is wrong. It is BN that the people will have to fear the most. The BN dinosaur, now at its most vulnerable and dangerous, will strike out in every direction like a cornered, wild animal. It will summon up every last ounce of strength to push back the tide of destiny. It will fight to the death. This can only mean one thing: Najib and company will practise every art of deception to retain power. They have the Election Commission – the ever loyal poodle – to smooth the way to the finishing line. Even the police and the army will be Najib’s shield.

With such awesome firepower in its arsenal, BN will not hesitate to use foul means to achieve its end. It is highly probable that BN will cheat at the ballot box rather than accept defeat. At the hint of a looming rout or even a hung Parliament, BN will dig deep into its arsenal for one last weapon to reverse the tide of defeat – and that is creating chaos in the country. Even if the majority decides the baton should pass to Pakatan, Najib is unlikely to let it go. In the end, he will not respect or defend parliamentary democracy. He would rather see the country go up in flame than read his political obituary. 

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