Valentine’s Day business goes on despite PAS’ call

(The Star) – Florists and gift shop owners have snubbed the call by PAS for a stop to any activity linked to Valentine’s Day.

They felt that the call by PAS reflected its lack of understanding of the significance of Valentine’s Day.

“Maybe some of them have misunderstood the meaning of Valentine’s Day. It is about expressing love and care for your loved ones, including spouses and family members,” said florist David Yu.

It was akin to giving flowers or soft toys during birthdays or other occasions to show appreciation towards someone, he added.

However, Yu said the call by PAS had not affected his business as most people, especially young people, could decide what was right or wrong.

PAS deputy Youth chief Nik Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz had reportedly said that Valentine’s Day celebrations went against the religion.

Terengganu PAS deputy publicity chief Azman Shapawi Abd Rani had also said that any such celebration should be completely stopped as they might lead to immoral activities.

Gift shop owner Kim Ching said it was important to respect each other’s beliefs in a multi-racial society.

“It all depends on how you look at it,” she said.

Kim also said the PAS ban had no effect so far as Batu Pahat was a small town and most of her customers were non-Muslims.

In Johor Baru, several shopping malls are already putting up kiosks selling chocolates and candy popular gifts for Valentine’s Day and items like glass decorations to promote the Feb 14 celebration.

Some hotels are also promoting Valentine’s Day dinner with free gifts for couples seeking romantic, candle-lit meals.