Of Bibles and crosses


The other day, I watched a rugby game which featured one of the top clubs in Malaysia. The club is run predominantly by Malays who are Muslims of course. The players are also predominantly Malay/Muslim. Majority Allah-fearing and hold steadfast to the pillars of Islam. But emblazoned across their jerseys is the name of a well-known beer.  

Mohsin Abdullah, Hornbill Unleashed

While some Muslims may find the symbols ‘sensitive’, others don’t mind ‘haram’ advertising of beer.

I MUST admit I’ve not heard of it before. Apparently, there’s a group in Penang which is called Persatuan Mukabuku Pulau Pinang Pinang. In English that should be Penang Facebook Association.

Anyway, as we know recent media reports quoted the association president – a gentleman by the name of Salleh Ismail – as saying “two men were seen circulating bibles to students including Muslim students outside a school in Jelutong, Penang”.

And we also know Deputy Education Minister Dr Puad Zarkashi has asked police to investigate as, said the deputy minister, “proselytisation of Muslims is against the law in the country”.

Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom, Minister in the PM’s Department meanwhile, has urged the police to “act fast as this is a very sensitive issue”.

That’s the law of the land. Hence must be respected. Let the police probe.

Without going into that particular “case”, I find myself asking this question. If, for some reason, someone comes up to me and hands me a copy of the Bible, what would I do?

Well I can:

1) Turn it down ie do not accept the “gift”;

2) Accept politely, say thank you, put it away somewhere and forget about it totally;

3) Read the Bible although I’m not sure if I can understand or comprehend;

4) Study it. After all, the late Ahmad Deedat, the Muslim missionary studied the Bible and the knowledge in his own words made him stronger in his belief of the Islamic faith. Some even called him the “Great Islamic Scholar of the Bible”. Whether one agrees with that or for that matter Ahmad Deedate’s “style” of teaching and propagating Islam is another matter.

Point is he wasn’t, for want of a better word, “afraid” of the Bible. Unlike many or some (definitely not all) Malay/Muslims in Malaysia.

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