Traitors will face action if PR takes Putrajaya

The citizenship-for-votes scam, now coming to light through RCI testimonies, is treason of the highest order, says Tawau PKR chief Kong Hong Ming

Azman Habu, FMT

TAWAU: A PKR leader promised that Pakatan Rakyat will ensure those who masterminded, engineered and made foreigners their tools to stay in power will be dragged to court if it comes to power.

PKR Tawau branch chairman, Kong Hong Ming, said the perpetrators of the fraud will face the full force of the law and it is for the voters to decide this at the general elections.

He was responding to the startling revelations by former civil servants and immigrants themselves of how the authorities registered thousands of foreigners as citizens and registered them as voters in Sabah since the early 1990s.

A Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) set up to probe the illegal immigrant problem in the state heard testimonies last week from several former senior civil servants how a clandestine project was set up to help Muslim immigrants in the state gain citizenship and voting rights.

The operation, the former National Registration Department officers said, was run out of a senior Barisan Nasional leader’s house in Kuala Lumpur.

Immigrants, including those from Pakistan and India, told the RCI how they were singled out by government officers, asked to sign papers, had their photographers taken and then handed Malaysian identity cards despite not applying for them.

Kong said genuine Malaysians, especially Sabahans, can be rest assured that if Pakatan becomes the next government after the general election the traitors will face action.

He said they (government leaders and civil servants who have been implicated) have committed high treason against the sovereignty of the nation and had destroyed the democratic process of Malaysia.

He also said Barisan Nasional government is an unconstitutional government based on what has been revealed by witness at the RCI.