Bawani gets MCA, PAS youth wings support

( – The MCA Youth Education Bureau says it is “astounded” at the “uncouth behaviour” displayed by Suara Wanita 1Malaysia president Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin against UUM law student KS Bawani at a forum held at the university.

“As much as Sharifah may have disagreed with Bawani’s views, as a moderator, she should have displayed maturity and allowed the student to complete her views and then offer a differing view in a diplomatic and constructive manner,” bureau chairman Chong Sin Woon said in a statement today.

Sharifah berated Bawani, who is a Parti Sosialis Malaysia member, after the latter disagreed with the forum’s pro-government slant, especially with regards to Bersih.  Bawani had also questioned why Malaysia is unable to provide free tertiary education.
Although the incident took place on Dec 8, it is only making news now after a video clip of the exchange of words between Sharifah and Bawani went viral on YouTube last week.
Chong, in his statement, applauded Bawani for urging the public not to make sexual innuendoes against Sharifah, saying it showed the student’s magnanimity, maturity and concern for the security of all women.
“Sharifah with the degree she proudly extols should be able to learn a thing or two from the undergraduate whose education background she belittled.
“Sharifah’s behaviour of assuming that public condescension, and getting the audience to support her to shut and obliterate different views belongs to a bygone era,” he added. 
Meanwhile, PAS Youth has congratulated Bawani  “for her courage in stating her stand”, according to PAS organ Harakahdaily.  
A PAS Youth delegation, led by executive council member Mohd Hakim Mohd Nor, visited  Bawani at her house in Kampar, Perak to express the movement’s support for the “plucky” student.
Bawani was quoted as saying that she was touched by the support she has been receiving from various people, and that it had strengthened her to keep fighting for students’ rights.
PAS Youth vice leader Dr Raja Ahmad Iskandar, in a statement, said the incident at  UUM showed that students were no longer afraid of stating their stand.
“The courage shown by Bawani will serve as an example to be emulated by the youth in rising up to speak the truth wherever they are without being fearful of action against them,” he said.
Ameerah Malaysia, a youth group which forms part of PAS’s Muslimat wing, added to the calls for Sharifah to apologise to Bawani.
“We urge Sharifah Zohra to apologise to Bawani publicly, in the same way she had humiliated Bawani (publicly),” the group’s chief Fareedah Samad told Harakahdaily.