Trust your PM

Everyone must understand that BN MPs are already disclosing their assets to the prime minister who is the keeper of the gate. If you cannot trust your own PM, who else can you trust?


I am shocked! I am shocked, dumbfounded and flabbergasted that anyone could suggest that election candidates from Barisan Nasional should make public declaration of their assets.

How can they be asked to do anything that could jeopardise their safety or endanger their lives?

Several BN MPs have said that a public declaration of assets by potential election candidates may jeopardise their safety, ahead of what is expected to be the country’s most intensely-fought polls.

Some have gone so far as to suggest that BN members of parliament would look more credible if they disclose their assets publicly.

Can you imagine what could happen to a BN MP if it became public knowledge that he had millions and millions of ringgit stashed at home or in his local or overseas banks or even in parts unknown?

That YB will become the target of every samseng who will not only proceed forthwith to the MP’s gated mansion to rob him blind, but more worrying they will track his wife, girlfriend or mistress on their shopping trips to Milan, London or New York and then have the wife, girlfriend or mistress kidnapped for ransom.

Aiyah sure die one lah – not only got to pay out but also if the wife hears about the girlfriend or mistress, sure die twice!

BN MPs have already done enough untuk bangsa, negara, ugama dan lain lain……more of the lain lain than anything else.

Some of them have braved the wraths of their first wives by marrying another one or two other wives on the sly – an actress, a model or perhaps even a singer. Call it love, call it libido, call it anything you like. I call it the stupidity of aged fat lothario whose only attraction to the opposite sex is a fat bank balance.

One of them was ‘brave’ enough to confront the authoritative Malacca Custom and Excise Office and demanded that they ‘close one eye’ while he himself would probably be closing both his eyes in this game of dare.

That was brave of that MP because who can deny that the one eye is more at an advantage than the man with two eyes closed.

What about the “courage” of that BN MP caught with his pants down? Not only did he admit to the act after DVDs of the said act were distributed in Muar (well what else can he do when faced with such evidence already seen by the good people of Muar and elsewhere!) but he also courageously resigned from all his political post.

His supporters were so impressed with his ‘berani mati’ act that they soon elected him to be their party president. That just goes to prove that this really is Bolehland.

Being arrogant and obnoxious

BN members of parliament are not frighten to call a spade a spade and damm the consequences.

Nazri Aziz knows why he is being attacked all the time. It is not because he is arrogant nor was it because he is such an obnoxious character…no…as he said it:

“Don’t you think that I am an asset, that there’s an attack on me now? If I’m just an ordinary MP or I’m not important to Umno, you think they’ll attack me? They won’t, right?”

I guess being arrogant and obnoxious is part and parcel of being a valuable asset to Umno and BN.

These BN MPs will leave no stone unturned, will climb any mountain and will swim through shark infested waters in their tireless efforts to serve bangsa, negara, ugama dan lain lain.

Even if they fail time and time again in trying to serve bangsa, negara dan ugama, and even if they have never done their duty towards their electorates – what matters is that they did try. Give them credit for lying, cheating…… I mean trying!

Who suggested to Najib Tun Razak that his coalition candidates should be screened by MACC? Aisehman, as if the MACC are not flat out investigating the corrupt practices in Selangor, Kedah, Penang and in Kelantan.

Thank god BN was able to take back Perak and give some breathing space to MACC. MACC knows that states under Barisan Nasional are free from graft, plenty of corruption but no graft.

It has been suggested by some anti-national elements (well Pakatan Rakyat MPs actually – are they not one and the same thing?) that all this asset declaration exercise is an attempt by Najib to ensure that no candidates from Muhyiddin’s camp will be allowed to stand as candidate for BN.

It is mischevious of anyone to suggest that Najib would do something underhand to rid himself of any political threats from within Umno.