PAS shows Indians the door 

“You scratch my back, I’ll claw you back”. That’s PAS’s gratitude for you.

Mohan Dass 

Indians who form the bulk of the non-Muslim supporters of PAS have been shown the door by the party hierarchy. They should therefore walk out of PAS.


It’s time Indians should realize this: You are there to look after PAS interests, but PAS is not there to look after your interests.


In effect PAS is saying to you “You scratch my back, I’ll claw you back”. That’s PAS’s gratitude for you.

Just look at the unfolding events.  PAS is accusing its non-Muslim supporters of undermining the party’s Islamic stand. How so? The National PAS Supporters Congress had merely defended non-Muslim rights when PAS took action against non-Muslims for alleged indecent behaviour. Now, the PAS Assistant Secretary-general and State Executive Councillor Datuk Takuyuddin Hassan claims that the congress has bad intentions and must not question what the party decides.


Wake up Indians. Don’t turn a blind eye to the problems of your community.  Know which side of your bread is buttered.


 •   Where was PAS when Indians highlighted the plight of stateless persons within the community?

 •   Where was PAS when temples were being demolished in Selangor with impunity?

 •   Where was PAS when you protested the proposed condominium near Batu Caves that would threaten the caves and the Murugan      


There is no Nambikei with PAS. Know where to place your trust!!