PAS’ stance against supporters slammed

The Star) – Several political party leaders hit out at PAS for turning against its non-Muslim supporters over accusations that they had undermined the party’s Islamic stand. One of them accused PAS of trying to impose its values on non-Muslims.

DAP chairman Karpal Singh has commended the actions of the National PAS Supporters Congress in defending the rights of the non-Muslims in Kelantan.

“What they (congress) did was right. They were defending the rights of non-Muslims. DAP, too, has defended the non-Muslims,” he said yesterday.

Karpal said PAS assistant secretary-general and state executive councillor Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan should accept congress chairman Hu Pang Chaw‘s statement in good grace.

“It is the duty of the congress to come out and defend when the rights of the non-Muslims are infringed,” he said.

Karpal was commenting on a report quoting Takiyuddin who accused Hu of having “bad intentions” for bringing to the media cases of action taken against non-Muslims for alleged indecent behaviour.

Hu also criticised the issuing of summonses to non-Muslim salon workers cutting the hair of non-Muslim customers of the opposite sex.

Takiyuddin, who is State Local Government, Culture and Tourism Committee chairman, had said the congress should play its role as part of the party.

It was reported that the Kota Baru Municipal Council had issued summonses to two non-Muslim men for allegedly embracing each other in a car parked near the Sultan Ismail Petra Airport at midnight on Oct 31.

The other summons was issued to a 17-year-old teenager for giving a piggy-back ride to his 15-year-old girlfriend at Taman Tunku Anis at 5.30pm on Oct 20.

MIC Youth leader T. Mohan said Takiyuddin’s statement clearly showed that PAS wanted to impose their Islamic agenda on non-Muslims.

He said PKR and DAP should come out strongly to censure PAS for their actions.

“I believe PKR and DAP would not want to rock the boat as their dream is to go to Putrajaya at all costs,” he said.

Taman Chi Liung Indah DAP chairman K. Yogasigamany said some DAP members were unhappy with the actions of PAS representatives for attempting to impose their values on non-Muslims.