You’re a liar, MIC Youth tells Chua

According to MIC Youth chief T Mohan, it was the PKR vice-president who intimidated ‘one of my boys’. 

G Vinod, FMT

MIC Youth chief T Mohan has accused PKR vice-president Chua Jui Meng of spinning a yarn, claiming that it is the latter who tried to initimidate “one of my boys”.

He also challenged Chua to lodge a police report soon on the claim that he was manhandled yesterday by some 50 MIC members outside the National Registraion Department (NRD) director-general’s office in Putrajaya.

The MIC Youth leader claimed that the incident happened when one of his Youth members questioned what Chua had done to help the stateless Indians when he was a minister in the 90s.

“He must have known about the problem as he was the health minister. Surely, he had some data on how many stateless Indians tried to seek treatment at government hospitals. When that question was posed to him, Chua tried to push my Youth member, K Novinthen,” alleged Mohan.

Targetting PKR vice-president N Surendran, he called the former “a liar” as to date, he had yet to provide evidence that there were 300,000 stateless Indians in the country.

“He previously accused us of trying to beat up a teenage girl and now he is accusing us of manhandling Chua. A lot of people were there, including reporters. They know what happened,” he said.

Calling Surendran a “parachute leader”, Mohan urged the lawyer-politician to work with the grassroots first before taking up issues.

“Ask your boss [Anwar Ibrahim] why he didn’t resolve the stateless Indian issue when he was the deputy prime minister. Stop creating dramas like your boss. I think one Anwar is good enough for the whole country,” he said.

‘This is MIC’s culture’

Meanwhile, Chua said he was considering lodging a police report on the incident.

“We are discussing about it. I’m just waiting for Surendran, who is now in court, to deliberate on the matter,” he added.