The Curse of Marina Lee Abdullah?


I came across this info in RPK’s The journey in life is never a straight line (PART 15):

But Anwar was adamant. “Make sure Zubir Embong and Rahman Bakar win,” Anwar instructed. “Do whatever needs to be done.” It was common knowledge that Hadi Awang and Anwar Ibrahim hated each other. Hence to Anwar this was also personal.


According to RPK who helped his MCKK matey Anwar Ibrahim* in the 1986 general election campaign in Terengganu, Rahman Bakar was selected to contest against Pak Haji Hadi Awang in Marang in 1986, and the UMNO man won, satisfying I suppose, Anwar’s personal animosity against the PAS leader.

* Anwar was then the powerful UMNO Minister of Education, a ministerial appointment mandatory for ascending to the PM post.

I wonder whether the animosity between Anwar and Pak Haji had (or should it be grammatically ‘has’) to do with the known history of Anwar Ibrahim being (once) groomed to be the leader of PAS. Yes, kid you not!

Hadi Awang

Thus Dr M wasn’t the only one who had an eye on the ABIM firebrand and his silvery-tongued manmanlai.

Naturally his highly vocal (is there any other way to describe Anwar, wakakaka) ABIM leadership and credentials brought him to the notice of PAS’ (late) president Dato’ Ustaz Hajji Fadzil bin Muhammad Noor, a known moderate, who was soimpressed by the younger man that the Ustaz wanted him to be his successor as President of PAS.

Just imagine that if Anwar had not joined UMNO,  today the PAS President would be Ustaz Anwar Ibrahim and not Pak Haji Hadi Awang. What a thought!

‘cuse me while I have a tot or two of Scotch (naturally Johnny Walker Double Black) wakakaka.

But in that head-hunting episode, it was Dr Mahathir who won against PAS (Ustaz Fadzil Noor) for the affection of Anwar, a man then known for his ABIM anti-establishment (meaning anti-UMNO) crusade.

Dr Mahathir

I wonder whether Anwar had left ABIM for UMNO in a flash … ZOoooooommm … to join parachute into the most powerful political organization in Malaysia?

Probably from his change of allegiance to UMNO, many people including and especially his former mates in ABIM (except those who followed him into UMNO wakakaka) knew Anwar loves political power more than the political cause he was espousing as ABIM’s Chief.

Of course he claimed he would reform UMNO from within.

During his 16 years in UMNO he shot across the political landscape of power, lighting it up in meteorite fashion to become the very powerful DPM, and the publicly known heir-anointed to Dr Mahathir to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia, an appointment he wouldn’t have (theoretically) achieved, as RPK wrote, if he had become only the PAS president after Ustaz Fadzil Noor.

Anwar Ibrahim

And in those 16 years in UMNO, as DPM and at times acting PM, did he exhibit any inclinations, even a mere subatomic iota, of reforms, or even voice same, as he had promised when he leapt from ABIM into UMNO?

Nay, nary a squeak nor a peep!

And when he was booted out from UMNO, he made that 16-year record of non-achievement as an UMNO minister even worse by blaming everyone else except himself, and only bleating reformasi when he was no longer in a position of power. 

Anwar even dared claim to have been helpless to make changes while in government.

Former Bar president Zainur Zakaria sneered at Anwar’s pathetic excuse – read Zainur Zakaria Zapped AAB & Anwar Ibrahim for more.

Zainur Zakaria

Anyway, from my personal observations it’s more than political power per se that Anwar loves – oh, he loves that, there’s no doubt. But apart from power per se and the associated considerable trappings for a DPM, I think he enjoys public adulation, and if not public adulation then at least supporters’ adulation more. 

Eager hands raided the ossuary for me to be laid

As stepping stones for the progress of a demigod

On Ardha-Matanga, 4 tasks & seven white trunks

Saluting Brahma, walking to Amarawati by a lake

(extracts from my poem Murdering Altantuyaa Shaariibuu Again)

Altantuyaa Shaariibuu

Yes, according to the gospel by kaytee wakakaka, Anwar has a weakness for admiration, adulation and adoration from people, but I believe, more than would be considered normal. To his ears, thunderous applause (wakakaka) must be sheer delightful music.

He made it … oh well … almost.

They say, what goes up must come down again (unless of course, in going up ‘whatever’ has achieved escape velocity – well, let’s see what happened and will happen).

It’s possible that a Western educated person, especially in the classics, would make a comparison between Anwar Ibrahim and Achilles on many aspects, and though I agree, would argue only up to a certain point.

Both shot up like blazing stars, both were stop in their tracks at near the pinnacle of their glories, though in this, Achilles knew his fate, for he had personally chosen, when asked by the gods, to blaze up in glory but die young instead of becoming an average king to die at a ripe old age.

I believe Anwar also shares another commonality with Achilles – he has an Achilles heel and I posted on this in July 2008 in a piece titled The Achilles heel of Anwar Ibrahim. The part I want to extract for your perusal pertains to his Achilles heel: