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Musa Hassan has many grievances against the government, the present IGP, as well as the Minister. First of all, Musa had requested an extension of service but it was rejected. He then asked to be made the Malaysian High Commissioner to Brunei and that too was rejected. Instead, he was given just a teaching job, which to him is a great insult when other retired IGPs before him were given ‘good’ posts.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

This was what an anonymous website published more than five years ago in 2007:

This Deputy Minister is the most powerful Deputy Minister because firstly he works under a very busy minister so all power has to be delegated to him. Secondly, he has got the prerogative of executive power to order a person to be detained without trail or to be released on his own fancy.

Here are three classic cases we can see how YB Dato Johari Bin Baharum, the Deputy Minister of Internal Security, had abuse his power and breach the trust from his boss, i.e., the Prime Minister. His abuse of power must be seen as interfering in police investigations and to a larger extent had also jeopardised the police effort in maintaining peace as well as law and order in the country. The abuse of power by YB Dato Johari must tantamount to corrupt practice and must be stopped immediately.

The Anti-Corruption Agency should be called upon to investigate both the money transactions and also abuse of power that amounting to corrupt practice.

Kong Cho Heng

Kong Cho Heng, also known as Panjang from Setiawan, Perak, was arrested in December 2006 under Sec 3(1) Emergency Ordinance. Panjang is the leader of a Chinese Secret Society. He leads a gang collecting protection money from businessmen in Setiawan.

His gang members often use threats, criminal intimidation, as well as force and violence to achieve their objective. They are responsible for several cases of assault and causing severe injuries in Setiawan.

Panjang is the younger brother of YB Dato’ Kong Cho Ha, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology. Sources said police applied to detain Panjang under Sec 4(1) Emergency Ordinance was rejected in the mid-January 2007 and he was ordered by YB Dato Johari Bin Baharum to be released immediately with no further reasons.

Chin Shui On

Chin Shui On, also known as Robin or Tian Wong from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, was arrested in December 2006 under Sec 3(1) Emergency Ordinance. Robin is involved in organising illegal gambling and book keeping in the district of Penampang and Kota Kinabalu.

Robin is the leader of a gangster group and often uses threats and violence to retain control over his illegal business empire. Sources said police applied to detain him under Sec 4(1) Emergency Ordinance but unfortunately it was rejected in Mid-January 2007 and he was ordered released with immediate effect. It was believed that a CEO of a private medical centre in Kota Kinabalu had made a payment of RM3 million to Dato Johari Bin Baharum for his unconditional release.

Moo Sai Chin

Moo Sai Chin, a.k.a. Ah Yau from Cemor, Perak, was arrested in October 2006 under Sec 3(1) Emergency Ordinance. Ah Yau is a well-known leader of a secret society in the state of Perak.

His gangsters often use force and violence to gain control of territories.

Ah Yau also runs the vice business by using threats and force against foreign women working in massage parlours known as Big Sister Massage Parlour, Jalan Kampar, Ipoh, Perak. Sources said that police applied to detain Ah Yau under Sec 4(1) Emergency Ordinance but failed. He was later ordered detained under restricted residence in Tampin Negeri Sembilan for 1 year under Sec 7B(1) Emergency Ordinance.

Subsequently, in the mid-January 2007, the restricted residence order was cancelled by YB Dato Johari Bin Baharum, the Deputy Minister of Internal Security, and Ah Yau was ordered released immediately. Sources and close associates of Ah Yau confirmed that he ‘settled’ with YB Dato Johari Bin Baharom for a sum not less than RM2.5 million.


Many of you have probably forgotten that particular episode of more than five years ago or maybe you had not been reading Malaysia Today yet at that time. That expose above, published in a one-page anonymous website, got the Deputy Minister, Datuk Johari Baharum, into a whole load of trouble.

Johari was actually summoned to the Anti-Corruption Agency office and was interrogated at great length like a common criminal. Luckily he was not ‘mysteriously’ found dead on the ground floor of the ACA office like some other unfortunate victims.

Finally, ACA investigations proved that Johari was innocent of all allegations.

Investigations were then conducted as to the person behind that anonymous website and the trail eventually led to the Director of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Christopher Wan Sooi Kee. Christopher Wan actually confessed that he had set up that website at the behest of the IGP, Musa Hassan.

Christopher Wan was just carrying out the IGP’s orders to fix up the Deputy Minister on allegations of corruption. About a year later, Christopher Wan was sent into retirement, as reported by government mouthpiece, Bernama, “after 38 illustrious years in the force”.

The file regarding the allegation of ‘under-the-table’ payment of RM5.5 million to release the three underworld bosses was finally closed. The person who ordered the release of the three underworld bosses and who benefited from the RM5.5 million was not the Deputy Minister, Johari Baharum, but the IGP himself, Musa Hassan.

Surprisingly, however, no action was taken against Musa. The then Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, saw fit to not rock the boat lest some of his own shit hits the fan, which Musa promised would happen if anything were to happen to him.

Musa Hassan has always been the ‘Mister Fix It’ of the police force. Back in 1998, Musa was the one who informed Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad that Anwar Ibrahim had punched himself. Hence Anwar’s black eye was self-inflicted.

Dr Mahathir confidently announced this to the world, which was later, of course, proven to be a lie. Musa, at that time, was serving under Datuk Ramli Yusuff.

To redeem himself, Musa engineered the tilam (mattress) incident. In this drama, the mattress that Anwar was alleged to have used to have sex was paraded in and out of court every day for all and sundry to see.

Eventually, however, the mattress was rejected as evidence. Fortunately for Musa, though, Ramli testified at the Royal Commission of Inquiry and fingered the then IGP, Rahim Noor, as the person who had beaten up Anwar (hence it was not self-inflicted). That resulted in Ramli being sent into ‘cold storage’ and Musa going up to become the IGP.

But there was a clear and present danger that Ramli was going to make a comeback after his stint in cold storage. That would make Ramli a threat to Musa. For that reason Musa had to fix Ramli up as well. And that was when the allegations of corruption against Ramli first surfaced — which the court later threw out and actually called the allegations nonsense and the IGP a liar.

Judge Supang Lian in Kota Kinabalu called Musa an incredible witness (another way of calling him a Liar) in these words:

“This involves an assessment of the credibility of the witness called by the prosecution. His evidence is unreliable and is to be disregarded and whatever he says in court lends to his discredit. I am in total agreement with the case for the defence that this lack of support of the evidence of PW75 (IGP Musa Hassan) on this point lends to his discredit. In this regard I should mention that PW75 in his evidence gave an interpretation that is contrariwise to the testimonies of PW17, PW19, PW57 and PW73. I found however that the evidence of PW75 on this to be unreliable and to be disregarded.”

Musa Hassan has many grievances against the government, the present IGP, as well as the Minister. First of all, Musa had requested an extension of service but it was rejected. He then asked to be made the Malaysian High Commissioner to Brunei and that too was rejected. Instead, he was given just a teaching job, which to him is a great insult when other retired IGPs before him were given ‘good’ posts.

Before he retired, Musa made sure that he promoted and transferred the ‘right’ police officers, those who can kautim with the underworld and the crime syndicate. The Minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, however, as Musa alleges, ‘interfered’ in this exercise. And this ‘interference’ by the Minister is causing a lot of problems for the Chinese underworld and crime syndicate.

And that is why Musa recently gave his interview — alleging interference by the politicians in the running of the police force. It is true that the Minister blocked Musa’s every move. But that is only because by allowing Musa to do what he wanted would have had a backlash on Umno.

They know that the voters are unhappy with the police force and that may cost Umno a lot of votes. Hence if the Minister does not rein in the police then there is a danger that Umno could lose a sizeable number of votes.

The fact that the recent Bersih 3.0 rally turned out the way it did is evidence that the top does not know what the bottom is doing. The Prime Minister gave very clear instructions that there must not be any police violence at all costs and this instruction was made clear to the IGP.

However, as we all know, the reverse happened. And many suspect that Musa’s hand is at play here. Musa wants to undermine the present IGP, Ismail Omar, and to prove to the government that they made a great mistake in not extending his (Musa’s) service. And what happened during the Bersih 3.0 rally is proof of this — or so Musa wants us to believe.

According to Musa, Ismail Omar is not capable and just can’t do his job. And the only way the government can solve this would be to retire the IGP and replace him with someone else — someone who is aligned to Musa and who will not ‘disturb’ the Chinese underground and crime syndicate.

Musa Hassan is toxic of the first degree. And for the opposition to flirt with him is quite puzzling. Is the opposition that desperate that it needs to court people like Musa? Surely amongst the 28 million or so Malaysians there are many others of better calibre whom the opposition can work with.

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(Malaysiakini, April 2012) – It is learnt that Musa’s former aide de camp, ASP Noor Azizul Rahim Taharim, had brought this troubling matter to the attention of then minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohd Radzi Sheikh Ahmad and deputy internal security minister Johari Baharum.

Another informant told Malaysiakini that Tengku Goh, whose real name is Goh Cheng Poh, had met Musa at his hotel room in Johor Baru sometime in 2005 or 2006, and this was confirmed by Noor Azizul.

Musa was accused to have promoted officers who were loyal to him as well as those who tacitly support his close cooperation with the alleged underworld figures. The line of succession was allegedly orchestrated to ensure Musa could continue his tenure as the country’s police chief. Musa held the post for four years, from 2006 to 2010.

He was reported to have been upset when his term was not extended further, and at one time describing his potential successor, Ismail Omar, as not ready to occupy his seat.

Ramli told Malaysiakini yesterday that Musa’s aide Noor Azizul had informed him about his boss’ alleged underworld links. “ASP Noor Azizul Rahim told me about this, and this confirmed my suspicion of Musa that he together with the AG was out to fix me. This was to ensure I would be eliminated from the police hierarchy,” he said.

“All my fears and suspicions have been proven true by the flimsy charges laid against me. Musa even went to the extent of appearing as the 75th witness in my Sabah case. In the end, Musa was regarded an untruthful witness when he tried to contradict the evidence of all the other police witnesses,” he said.

Ramli also recalled how Noor Azizul had met several senior police officers, including Musa’s deputy Mohd Najib Abdul Aziz and two members of the Police Force Commission, for help but to no avail. Following this, the frustrated Noor Azizul, who was Musa’s personal aide from 2005 to 2007, made a statutory declaration on the matter sometime in 2009, said Ramli.

A copy of Noor Azizul’s SD was published in blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin’s Malaysia Today website four years ago. In his SD, Noor Azizul said he was aware of the sworn declarations of several police officers and police informants and their actions in revealing Musa’s links with Tengku Goh and Tan.

“Based on my personal knowledge and involvement as the ADC (aide de camp) to the IGP, I can confirm the statements made by these deponents concerning Musa are true and do correctly reflect the events as described by them…”

“I have personal knowledge and involvement in that I was asked as ADC to compile and coordinate such posting orders based on the drafts and proposals made by Tan. A copy of the draft was subsequently implemented as police posting orders,” he said in his statutory declaration.

Noor Azizul said the transfers were justified as part of a campaign to root out corruption in the force. It included entrapment to make the affected officers appear guilty of wrongdoing.

“This gave the impression that Musa was eradicating corruption and abuses within the force whereas it was the farthest from the truth. The credibility of these officers would be demolished to such an extent that whatever information they had gathered about the IGP would be discredited. These officers would suffer hardships, like being transferred away from their family and home base,” he said.

“Some of the other agonies inflicted on them were being by-passed for promotions, subjected to disciplinary action minus due process; subordinates with unproven records promoted over them and victimised officers serving as visible warnings of the consequences of defying the ‘established’ order.”

The former ADC said the ‘mencantas’ (trimming the opposition) campaign had led to low moral in the force, resulting in the crime rate soaring during Musa’s time.

“Not long after that the AG ordered Tengku Goh’s release. Many in PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) became demoralised seeing how a criminal was released by resorting to legal niceties whereas our own brother officers were dragged to court,” he lamented.

“I hope the minister and the government give me protection for this disclosure as it is made with the hope of improving the force in expectation of a new leadership era under Ismail Omar (the present IGP),” he said in his SD.

Former Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission panel member Robert Phang, when contacted by Malaysiakini, confirmed that Noor Azizul had approached him when he was Musa’s aide de camp, and together they met a former IGP, seeking his help on the matter.

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