SB tailing me, says Musa

Following his explosive revelations at a press conference last week, the former IGP finds himself on the other side of the police radar.

Teoh El Sen, FMT

Ironic as it may sound, former inspector-general of police Musa Hassan has claimed that he is being tailed by special branch officers.

This followed his controversial press conference last week, where he claimed that criminal elements had infiltrated the police force and revealed that politicians interfered with investigations.

Apart from him, Musa said that R Sri Sanjeevan from the NGO My Watch which organised the press conference was also being tailed. Musa is the patron of the newly-formed NGO.

“To me it’s funny lah. Why must you put me under surveillance? As if I am a threat to security.

“I would like to advise them not to follow me lah. I won’t destroy the nation, that’s number one. Number two, I think you have better work to do, like following criminals, who are really jeopardising the safety of the public,” the former IGP told FMT.

“So I think it is stupid of them [to follow us], wasting the rakyat’s money. If you want anything just call me, I’ll tell you everything,” he added.

On how he found out, Musa said:”Of course I know who is following me but I didn’t want to confront them. Don’t want to embarrass them. Of course they ran away when they saw me.”

Asked why he was being tailed, Musa shrugged and replied: “I don’t know, probably instructions from up top. Maybe the IGP himself, I don’t know.”

Musa said that although in the past he had been tracked by syndicates and tontos “plenty of times”, this was his first time being followed by a policeman.

“Never by policemen, but by syndicates and tontos you know, who want to know my movements. I still remember when I was in the drugs unit. That’s why whenever I got out of the house, I would never follow the same route for fear that people might either follow me or ambush me and all that. We must be aware of my environment, being a trained police officer, you know,” he added.