P I Bala, Deepak, Musa – who next?


Everyone who has given testimony against the powers that be has been branded a liar, Musa of all people has now come out and Syed Hamid the man who together with his successor Hishamuddin have successfully revealed the level of common sense that prevails in UMNO now comes out to say that this is all an opposition ploy.

Musa Hassan?

After what he did to Anwar Ibrahim surely at the request of his superiors including a former UMNO chieftain, surely it must be seen that he was a player in a whole scheme to rid the country of Anwar, the man who knew too much and who had publicly declared that there would  be no more nepotism, cronyism and corruption in UMNO.

In UMNO this could not happen, no one could get into UMNO and declare such “nonsense,”  so anwar had to go at all costs, and they madee sure he did, so now when the Truth is coming out there is fear in the corridors of power, UMNO power.

This man Musa Hassan is not going to come out in the open to say such things like the government intervened with his work unless it really happened and unless  he has some really compelling reasons to.

No Malaysian in his proper frame of mind would have accepted that PI Bala was forced to come out with the Statutory Declaration to implicate Najib, everyone believed him when he said that the carpet man was involved, that carpet man has now come out and is revealing the truth albeit in installments.

So why is the truth coming out  in installments?

Well we’ll dwell on that later, and now all these men who were their trusted lieutenants are now looked upon as conniving opportunists working together with the opposition to oust Najib for no rhyme or reason does that make sense?

The  key to the truth lies some where in the home of our Prime Minister it does not take a genius to figure that out, a moron would be able to have figured that out, and we have many of that kind of people in UMNO, I might have mentioned a few names earlier in this article and it is the duty of one of those to direct a full investigation, unless it was his office that ordered Altantuya’s entry records by the Malaysian immigration removed.

Surely if they could get a Deputy Prime Minsiter on trumped up charges they can easily get this cop, they could and would for their own convenience  they would even use the Anwar’s  case to get him,they are capable of doing that but why aren’t they?

Why is Syed Hamid claiming that this is all a political ploy by the opposition?

The only reason  is it has to be the  truth, what these people are saying must be the truth, Deepak was a close friend of Rosmah, why did he suddenly turn against her and Najib?

There must be some elements of truth in it, and f the government goes for them, the truth will come out, that is something they can’t afford, after all they have Mahathir Mohammed as the Prime Minister, the man for whom the ends justify the means.

If what Deepak is now saying is not the truth, then Najib should use the full force of the law  to protect the sanctity of the office of the prime minster because the attacks are personally targeted on Najib bin Tun Razak, and it was whilst he was in office as the minister of defence.

It is not for the current minister of defence to come  out to clear the issue he knows nothing about this he was not even in government at that time, so why is Najib so quiet?

Should he not sue Deepak? Should he not go to clear his name? Had it been the Lees down south they’d have sued the pants off Deepak?

Najib has failed to do this when in his personal capacity when he was accused by Raja Petra Kamaruddin, now when he is openly accused by PI Bala, and Deepak he is still hiding, is he afraid to come out in open court?

Well if that is no the case, and especially with all the implications  derived from the interview with Deepak, will Rosmah at least subject herself to an interview with the press both international and local on these issues since there seems to be so much directed towards her too?

After all she is the “first lady” very eloquent, been overseas, held meetings with so many other first ladies, and even visited heads of states for which once Najib bragged that our students in Egypt got out safely because of her connections, she surely  must have the ability, the eloquence and  the presence of mind to handle these small time reporters on these issues. Can’t She?

I am sure she is more than capable (she is the first Malaysian PM’s wife to have declared herself “First Lady”) and ever willing, surely this  “first lady” who delights at the slightest opportunity for some of the limelight will given the opportunity,  but Najib will not allow her to, he is so scared he will not allow her to.

When he was preparing to come to office I wrote an article on the need for him to first clear his name on the Altantuya case or,  the office of the Prime Minister would be compromised, that was something that any decent man would have done before assuming such high office but, Najib Tun Razak did not see that necessity, neither did his mentor the Doctor because that would  be so very convenient for him – the doctor>

A compromised PM would be easy for the picking, he can easily dictate terms like he so often does these days.

You can’t hide too much under the carpet, it will swell with the heat and the carpets will even though well bound wall to wall burst at its seems and all the dirt will spill out for the world to see and that is what is happening now.

All the mantharam imported from Kerala will not work, mantharams are evil, it abhors the Truth, but the Truth cannot be suppressed for too long it will surface as is now happening.

I have my doubts about  the sincerity of these players, I am convinced  they are telling us the truth, but why  in installments?

I believe, they are doing this because they are short changed, and so are reveling the truth in installments  in the hope that the big pay day will come so that they can decide to keep quiet, but if that big pay day comes then they will look forward to another bigger pay day, after all it pays and it pays big.

I doubt Deepak’s claims that he will tell all, he is waiting for the big payouts as soon as possible, he knows as much as Rosmah, Mahathir and Najib know that the end is near the BN government is going to be dumped, they all know that, they are trying their level best to intimidate the people, but this time it will not work.

Before this government falls all these players must collect their ill gotten gains promised to them by the big boys, they have to leave the country less they get caught for all the bad things they have done in concert with the BN and so they are letting out this truth in installments.

Remember that for the government to fall the majority of the Malays must vote the opposition and that is the definitive score today, all their polls have indicated that,  so there is this feeling of deep despair amongst the top brass in UMNO, they can’t give in to every PI, Carpet man or Cop or there won’t be enough pay the UMNO division chiefs if they win the elections, and if they do not deliver there then all hell will break loose in UMNO itself.

Remember that  the majority of the Police Force and the Military are made up of Malays, many of whose brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and children will be with the opposition, vote the opposition  so if this government were to fall they had best do the right thing and hand over power without any abuse, not the type that was applied when Selangor  and Perak fell, and time was given to the outgoing government to take away with them so many “secrets” from office.