Umno leaders and London properties

It a known fact among Malaysians in the UK that senior Umno leaders own an extensive array of properties in London.

Luke Rintod, FMT

LONDON: There is no doubt that Umno leaders are filthy rich. In fact, word here is that almost all senior federal leaders in Umno are so wealthy that they own multiple properties in central London.

Not surprising, their spendthrift ways and that of their children have been making the news for a while.

Malaysians living in London have been privy to this information for decades and view it with repugnance and shame.

They are surprised that despite the dazzling light on the unusual wealth accumulated by government ministers which is displayed in their purchase of numerous properties around the world, their brazen hypocrisy elicits little comment back home.

Malaysians living here claim a former top Umno leader is linked to over a thousand properties in various parts of central London. Most of the properties are in the Canary Wharf areas.

“We know for a fact of this Umno guy who owns 1,400 properties in London. He is filthy rich… very, very rich. He even has a new wife now,” said one Malaysian who has been residing here for the last 20 years.

He told FMT that politically-aware Malaysians in London do keep tabs on these Umno leaders, while the Umno leaders in turn are aware that their properties in the United Kingdom are no secret at all to Malaysians residing here.

“We know some of their kids are studying here and we know where they live and what they do. They may be Muslims but they drink and they flirt a lot here, something that they dare not do openly back home, but who cares when they are here,” the London resident said.

Political rot

He said that it was a known fact that many Umno national leaders, both present and past, are rich and own properties around the world, including here in central London.

“The [federal] ministers own at least a few properties in London. Once in a while they do visit their houses or in some cases their children and family stayed while on study or holidays here.”

Asked if he could provide evidence of his claims, he said it was no secret here and that some of them have been caught on camera and the photos had made their way onto social media sites.

Another Malaysian residing here, who also requested anonymity, claimed that Sabah and Sarawak leaders also own properties in various places here either under their own names or their family members.

“How can they afford it? With just a minister’s salary they could not be this rich… they own properties everywhere in Europe.

“We also know of one who have bought properties even in Argentina.

“He could be preparing for himself to live in Argentina if Umno loses at the coming general election to Pakatan Rakyat,” he said.

The fact that Malaysians outside the country are mortified by the wealth of their nation’s leaders should be a reminder to delegates at the ongoing annual general assembly in Kuala Lumpur that what they consider non-issue speaks volumes about how deep is the political rot in the country.